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Resume: How to list a Dual Master’s Degree — The Answer

Resume: How to list a Dual Master’s Degree — The Answer

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If you chose to pursue two advanced degrees at the same time, you would have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to do so.

Since creating a resume is basically writing a summary of your greatest qualifications to market yourself as the ideal candidate, your education plays an important part.

You would think that an accomplishment that required excellent time management, organization, and dedication would surely give you a competitive advantage- and you’re right.

Adding a dual master’s degree to your resume will be highly beneficial in helping you stand out from the competition, but there is an exception.


Should you add a dual master’s degree to your resume?

Listing a dual master’s degree displays favorable traits that a recruiter will certainly take note of. It also shows knowledge diversity, especially if your degrees are in widely different fields. However, you can be perceived as overqualified for certain entry-level jobs.


A dual master’s degree  demonstrates impressive traits 

Completing a dual master’s degree takes an excellent work ethic, dedication, and a strong will to learn and expand your knowledge. 

A master’s degree alone in this current work climate would give you an edge over the sea of applicants with bachelor’s degrees, but you have two to your name.

Adding a dual master’s degree to your resume will put you ahead of your competition guaranteed.


A dual master’s degree shows diversity in knowledge

Whether your degrees are widely apart in fields or somewhat apart, you have the advantage of having learned two topics in-depth.

In the mostly digitalized and complex working environments we have now, it is important to diversify your knowledge, and recruiters know this, too.

You have valuable transferrable information from attaining a dual master’s degree.

It could even be just including research work experience on your resume from both your master’s degrees.


A dual master’s degree might come off as overqualified

The only exception to listing a dual master’s degree would be when you are applying to an entry-level or mid-level position that does not require the level of your qualification.

Recruiters are always cautious about hiring overqualified applicants because they are afraid the candidate will not be satisfied or content with the job and, in return, not be productive.

To avoid this, pay attention to not only the level of educational requirements in the job description but also the tasks and responsibilities, and tailor your resume accordingly.

Now that we’ve come to the consensus that apart from one scenario, your dual master’s degree should belong on your resume, let’s discuss how to add it the right way.


How to list a dual master’s degree on your resume?

Add your dual master’s degree to your ‘Education’ section before or after your work experience. You can also add it to your professional summary if it is relevant. List the institution and its location, your dual master’s degree, the graduation date, and at least 2 bullet points for each degree.


Figure out where to place your ‘Education’ section

Your dual master’s degree should be in your ‘Education’ section.

If you are still a student or just recently graduated, your education may be more relevant and extensive than your work experience, especially if you never had a job.

In this case, the placement of your ‘Education’ section would be before your work experience.

If you have extensive and more relevant work experience, your ‘Education’ section should come after. 


Mention your dual master’s degree in your professional summary

When both of your degrees apply to the qualifications needed for the job, or if you do not have much work experience, you can mention your dual master’s degree in your professional summary.

You can choose to give details about relevant coursework or projects completed or keep it brief.


Dual master’s degree in the professional summary of a resume example:


Professional Summary

Law firm intern with an educational background consisting of a dual master’s degree in Public Policy and International Relations from the University of Chicago. 

Core competencies include: conducting research, handling paperwork, helping attorneys with projects, and taking part in client interviews.


List the institution and its location

When adding your dual master’s degree to your ‘Education’ section, start with the institution from where you earned your degree.

Write the name of the institution followed by the city and state. 


List both the master’s degrees and the graduation date

After the institution details, you can write the dual master’s degree in two different ways. 

You can either write them together, combine the bullet points if there are common achievements, and add the graduation date there, or you can separate them. 

When separating, write the title of one degree, then its graduation date next to it, and underneath, the bullet points.

Repeat the same for the second degree.


Add at least 2 bullet points for each master’s degree

Unless you have plenty of work experience, awards, and other elements to add to your resume, your education section should not be bland.

Think of related coursework, projects, or research that you can mention to give more details about your academic life.

It is also important to list any honors like a CALI award.

As mentioned previously, you would have gained a diverse range of knowledge by achieving a dual master’s degree that can be made transferrable to any position.

Granted, you have to be selective about what would count instead of just filling up space with something irrelevant that would take away from your important accomplishments.


Dual master’s degree in a resume example (1):




University of Chicago | Chicago, Illinois 


M.A in Public Policy | Graduated 2020

  • Coursework in public policy analytical tools training. 
  • Data science analysis project completed.


M.A in International Relations | Graduated 2020

  • Led mock Internal Affairs committee.
  • Pursued theory-driven international relations project.


Dual master’s degree in a resume example (2):


Georgetown University | Washington, D.C


Dual Degrees: M.A in Philosophy and J.D | Graduated 2018

  • Achieved CALI Excellence for the Future Award (2018)
  • Philosophy project scope: ethical theory