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“Huu”: Here’s What It Means

“Huu”: Here’s What It Means

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Slang and the Internet have a long history.

In fact, the word “emoticon” dates as far back as the 1980s, while examples of the idea itself can be found as far back as the late 1800s.

Most Internet slang is much more recent, and acronyms are always popular.

This short post will look at the slang term “huu.”


What is the meaning of “huu”?

The meaning of “Huu” is “hit you up.” It is an acronym, a word formed from the initial letters of a phrase or sequence of words.  If you see someone saying they will “huu,” it means they will “hit you up” or ask you to provide something.


The parts of “huu” explained

“Huu” is a three-letter slang word.

Like many pieces of Internet slang, it’s an acronym, an abbreviation formed by taking the initial letters of a series of words and creating a new word. 

A well-known example of an Internet acronym is LOL (laugh out loud) or xD.

Unlike LOL, huu is usually not capitalized.

As for the letters of “huu,” they stand in for the phrase “hit you up.”

This phrase means, essentially, that someone is going to take you up on an offer to do something for them.

But wait, shouldn’t the acronym be “hyu”, as in hit you up?

Yes, that’s right, but in this case, instead of taking the y from you, the acronym is simply formed using the “u” of “you”, as “u” is a very common abbreviation of “you” commonly found on the internet as well. 



Example 1: “Hey bro, need a ride to school. Can I huu?”
Example 2: “oh, gonna huu l8r 4 a cig”

In the first example, the person sending this message is asking if a friend can give them a ride to school.

Here, “huu” is used as part of a question so that the person writing the text is asking, not stating they will do something.

The author of example two is a little more pushy, stating that they will be asking for a cigarette later.


Huu or hyu?

As discussed, “huu” is actually not a perfect acronym for “hit you up.”

This is why, occasionally, you will also come across the slang term “HYU” for “hit you up,” although it’s more common in text messages than on the Internet. Unlike “huu,” “HYU” is almost always capitalized.

Regardless of whether someone says they will “huu” or “HYU,” the meaning is the same: “hit you up.”