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The Top 7 Best Free Apps to Become a Sign Language Pro in 2024

The Top 7 Best Free Apps to Become a Sign Language Pro in 2024

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Dive into the world of sign language with a fun and engaging twist! Gone are the days of monotonous study sessions.

With the advent of innovative apps, learning sign language has transformed into an enjoyable journey filled with interactive lessons, video tutorials, and real-time feedback.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to brush up on your skills, these seven free apps offer a comprehensive and entertaining way to achieve fluency in sign language.


1. SignSchool

SignSchool sets the bar high for learning American Sign Language with its expansive and freely accessible dictionary.

This comprehensive resource stands out by accompanying each dictionary entry with a free video demonstration, illustrating exactly how to sign each vocabulary item.

Learners have the flexibility to watch these videos at regular speed or in slow-motion, a feature that greatly enhances the learning experience by allowing for a detailed understanding of the sign’s mechanics.

This option is invaluable for those aiming to master the precision and fluidity required in ASL.

SignSchool’s dictionary is one of the most extensive ASL dictionaries available for free, making it an indispensable tool for anyone committed to achieving fluency in sign language.

Through its rich educational offerings and intuitive design, SignSchool delivers an unmatched learning experience for deepening ASL knowledge and skills.

Key Focus Area: Interactive Learning and Vocabulary Building


2. ASL Bloom

ASL bloom provides a series of free lessons focusing on crucial basics such as greetings and the alphabet, ensuring that learners can start communicating in ASL right from the outset.

On top of that, it also covers how to sign different vocabulary items based on a variety of topics, including babies, nature, clothes, hobbies, weather, animals, holidays, and more, offering a well-rounded approach to learning.

Furthermore, everyday signs, fingerspelling, and many more comprehensive lessons can be unlocked with a subscription, enriching the learning experience with advanced content for those looking to dive deeper into ASL.

Key Focus Area: Foundations of ASL


3. Marlee Signs

Marlee Signs takes a unique approach to teaching ASL, offering learners direct insight from Academy Award-winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin.

This app is meticulously organized into a dictionary for spelling each letter in ASL, along with a comprehensive library consisting of seven lessons.

These lessons cover a wide range of foundational topics, including numbers, pronouns, the alphabet, everyday signs, questions, conversation starters, and finger-spelling.

This structured approach ensures that learners can build a solid base in sign language, from basic communication to more complex interactions.

The app is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for learners of all levels to start their sign language journey with confidence and improve their ASL skills effectively.

There are no distracting ads in the app.

Key Focus Area: Celebrity-Led Instruction and Core ASL Principles

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4. Hands On ASL

Hands On ASL revolutionizes the way learners engage with American Sign Language, especially when it comes to mastering the fingerspelling alphabet.

This app offers free access to a detailed 3D model of the hand, allowing users to not only view but interact with the representation to understand the nuances of fingerspelling.

What sets it apart is the ability to rotate the hand model for a 360-degree view, enabling learners to see exactly how each letter is signed from every angle.

Additionally, the pinch-to-zoom feature further enhances this learning experience, allowing for closer examination of hand positions and movements.

This innovative approach ensures that beginners can grasp the intricacies of ASL fingerspelling in a highly visual and interactive manner, making Hands On ASL a standout choice for those looking to dive deep into the language’s fundamentals.

Key Focus Area: 3D Hand Model Learning


5. Bill Vicars

While not a traditional app, the YouTube channel of Bill Vicars is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to learn American Sign Language (ASL) effectively.

By simply using the YouTube app and searching for “Bill Vicars,” learners gain access to a treasure trove of ASL instructional videos.

Bill Vicars, a respected figure in the ASL community, offers comprehensive lessons that range from basic to advanced levels.

His approachable teaching style and clear demonstrations make learning ASL accessible and engaging for viewers of all skill levels.

The channel covers a wide array of topics, ensuring that students can build a solid foundation in ASL and continue to expand their knowledge and skills over time.

This unique learning resource proves that high-quality ASL education is just a click away, offering flexibility and depth for those dedicated to mastering sign language.


6. The ASL App

The ASL App enriches your learning experience with an extensive selection of free content, focusing on the basics of ASL, universal gestures, numbers, and colors.

This foundation sets the stage for learners to begin communicating effectively in sign language.

For those who wish to delve deeper and expand their knowledge, the app offers a variety of additional content available for purchase.

This feature allows learners to customize their learning journey according to their individual needs and pace.

Whether you’re sticking with the free content or opting to explore more complex topics, The ASL App ensures an engaging and comprehensive learning experience.

It’s the perfect blend of accessibility for beginners and depth for advanced learners, all designed to make mastering ASL both fun and straightforward.

Key Focus Area: Extensive Sign Language Library and Engagement


7. SignLanguage

SignLanguage elevates your learning experience by offering a meticulously organized platform, divided into three main sections: Dictionary, Letters & Numbers, and Topics.

Each section is packed with an extensive sign vocabulary, all of which is demonstrated through clear, concise video tutorials.

This visual approach not only aids in the retention of signs but also ensures that learners can see the precise movements and expressions associated with each sign.

Remarkably, the app is completely free and operates without any ads, providing an uninterrupted and focused learning environment for users.

Whether you’re brushing up on the basics or diving into specific topics, SignLanguage offers a rich, video-based learning journey that’s both effective and engaging.

Key Focus Area: Visual Learning and Practical Application


Signs of Progress: Embark on a Digital Adventure

Signs of Progress Embark on a Digital Adventure

These seven free apps not only make learning sign language accessible but also transform it into a captivating adventure.

By incorporating interactive elements, personalized lessons, and real-world applications, they ensure that every learner can find a method that resonates with them.

Start your sign language learning journey today and open up a new world of communication and connection.