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  1. Spelling, punctuation and pronunciation differences between any languages (even between Traditional English (UK) and Simplified English (US)) are because groups of people stick together and over time they speak in their own way. Danish is way, way different from English - it is quite close to Swedish and Norwegian though: here, it is not uncommon to see in the ingredients lists on food stuff Danish, Swedish and Norwegian lumped together.
  2. My daughter is learning German at lukio, as well as Russian. She has several years of Swedish under her belt (as all Finnish school kids do). I suggested that if she wanted to perfect her German, she should consider going to university in Germany - there you can study for free (you need to pay your own living expenses, but the education is free) and they throw in German language lesson as well. A lot of Americans study in Germany, as they would not be able to afford to go to university in the US. They see learning the German language as a bonus.
  3. Thanks for the offer. I'm surrounded by Finns and use Google translate (not perfect, but it generally gives the correct meaning, if not a proper translation), but I guess I really need someone with the patience to practice with...
  4. A quick up date. I now have audio for the following languages: Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese, Finnish, Hungarian,* Not too sure about this one though... Hungarian, Morse code, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish https://satans-kittens.neocities.org/hells_teeth/index.html I still need lots more text and audio!
  5. Hello armitur, I found this forum a few days ago, but it's a little bit on the quiet side...
  6. A quick update: I now have both Manadrin and Cantonese Chinese https://satans-kittens.neocities.org/hells_teeth/index.html#Chinese Oh, and Morse code! https://satans-kittens.neocities.org/hells_teeth/index.html#Morse
  7. Rough rule of thumb: affect is future, effect is past. "How will it affect us?" "The effect was quite strong" You can get a better description from the Oxford English Dictionary website: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/usage/affect-or-effect
  8. For me, subtitles with Finnish movies don't really with learning the language, as often the sentence construction is very different - for example, "Where are you?", in Finnish is "Miss' sinä olet?", which translates literally into "Where you are?". Because I have basic skills in Finnish, when I used to watch the Swedish TV series "Äkta människor" (Real humans), I used a combination of the Swedish words which were similar to English and the Finnish sub-titles to understand what was being said.
  9. I was a bit unsure whether to make this post, but when I read the post about "Lies and slander", I thought "Why not?" To cut a long story short, over ten years ago, I started a project-website where I was collecting translations of the phrase "Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens!". Recently I republished it and got a few more translations. You can see it here: https://satans-kittens.neocities.org/hells_teeth (I promise it's not click-bait: There are no adverts, cookies, or anything commercial about it. I do use "Statcounter" out of personal interest. It tells me how many visitors I have had and where they are from. But that's it. No personal information is collected.) However, since the project first started, I have decided to add audio files as well. I currently have friends who are preparing Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese. So, if anyone would like to contribute, if they can also make an audio file, I would appreciate it very much. While the project is a it of fun, I do have a few rules: The translator must be either a native speaker or fluent in the language concerned. Some cultures and languages do not have the same concept of Hell and Satan as cultures influenced by Christianity do. So, equivalents may be used, but please discuss it with me first. So, if you're interested in contributing, or just curious as to what it's all about, please surf on over to the webpage using the link above. Thanks!
  10. "Hello" from northern Finland - I'm a Brit who's firmly entrenched in the this tropical paradise. Been here a long time, had a few language lessons, but ready need to practice more! I did search for "finnish" and found the last post about Finnish seems to be from October last year! I have a lot of the basics, like "hello, my name is..., I am from ...." and so on, and I can go shopping quite easily. However, I can't do my job in Finnish, as it would take to long for me to work out what to say. For me, starter courses are too basic, but the advance stuff are way to advanced.
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