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  1. Weird. As someone who plays CCGs, whenever I heard someone says "stats" my mind immediately jumps to "status" instead of "statistics".
  2. This is also my weakness. Sometimes my fellow language-learners would ask me "Do you use American spelling or British spelling?" and I answered, "I don't know. I just rely on Microsoft Word about my spelling choice. If it shows a red underline, I change to the other option". Pronunciation is also my other weakness. As for my strength, even though I have bad memory but somehow I can memorize vocabularies rather easily. Also, since my main "weapon" is math, I can see grammar patterns as algebraic expressions, really saving my time of understanding things.
  3. If you think English is hard, try Japanese. There are so much more homonyms than English (at least when they're written in Romaji). English felt easier since then.
  4. Not always the case. Sometimes people make rude comments while constantly smiling, essentially thinking "you are a joke".
  5. Indonesians too! And also Javanese! And also Arabic! Japanese is not, though... They still use "red... car".
  6. I thought Uranus isn't pronounced with "y". At first I thought that's how my native language read it until I knew that native English speaker pronounced it as "Yuranus". However, when I read Sailor Moon manga in Japanese, the name "Sailor Uranus" is written in Katakana as "Seeraa Uranusu" instead of "Seeraa Yuranusu". Then again, Japanese aren't that good in English either.
  7. So when those 9Gags folks said that SWAG means "Secretly We Are Gay" they were just joking. My brother believed that.
  8. Evan though I was also such kid, my OCD kept preventing me from reading fast due to not willing to just skim a line I couldn't comprehend.
  9. I remember the first time I am trying to read English literature in their native language and I chose Harry Potter. Almost gotten put off by the way Hagrid spoke.
  10. Is the length based on how many letters or how many syllables? Because if it's based on the latter, I am surprised no one here has mentioned "responsibility".
  11. This. I have a bad habit of keeping my head down when I am walking due to anxiety and nervousness and I hate it when my neighbor (who also happens to be my coworker) judges me as feeling uncomfortable just because of said habit.
  12. Haha... In a math forum I'm a member of, there is a joke board where one of the admins posts jokes everyday, and I could only comprehend about half of each post.
  13. I remember when watching Power Rangers Dino Charge and Tyler (the Red Ranger) took a selfie underground near lava while dying and sent it to his teammates. After he came back safe, her girlfriend Shelby (the Pink Ranger) called him out "Did you just take a selfie there?". I checked the fandom not long after the episode ended and found some of them surprised, "Did I just hear the word 'selfie' on Power Rangers?".
  14. My best way to deal with sarcasm is to act as oblivious as possible, pretending I don't know that it was meant as a sarcasm.
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