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  1. 我明白你的意思,我只是在告诉大家一种自然的汉语表达方式,那个句子的确是正确的,或者也许你和我来自不同的说汉语的人群,也许你来自南方,或者台湾,香港之类的地方?
  2. I don't know if it's relevant to post the link here, but didn't find any subforum about Chinese courses. Anyway this is the Chinese language course for travelers mostly, so that they could have simple conversation when they visit China. I am building the course by myself, so if you have any question about the course, you may either contact me here, or through the ways instructed in 'Contact us' page of my website. Here it is: http://cnfiinfo.com/info/travel-in-china/chinese-language-for-travelers/
  3. Ya I know what you mean, I just am telling a natural way of speaking Chinese language, that sentence is correct though. Or it could be that you and I are from different Chinese speaking groups, maybe you are from somewhere south, or Taiwan, Hongkong, etc.?
  4. I guess to say it in a correct way, it could be 它与中国的裁缝极其相似
  5. 它与中国的采极其相似。 This is not a correct sentence, no one would say some sentence like this. 采 is not a word to stand by itself, there should be something next to it. Please check your source.
  6. 我现在就读于苏黎世大学。 我的专业是汉语学,还有计算机语言学 (this one I am not that sure either, but I think it probably is it.) 我刚参加了一个汉语水平考试 (五级)。阅读的那部分还可以 但是听力的那部分 越来越低
  7. I'm a Mandarin speaker, and I don't understand Cantonese actually, except sometimes I could guess the meaning when they sing some songs in Cantonese. I have some Cantonese friends here also, sometimes I could also guess the meaning when they speak, but not always, hehe.
  8. 源远流场: 源远流长 yuán yuǎn liú cháng Means something has a long history. 不月而同:不约而同 bù yuē ér tóng Means people doing same thing without having agreed or discussed before. For pinyin you may check it here, type the words in the search bar, it will come up with pinyin and meaning of the word (in Chinese though): http://www.chazidian.com/r_chengyu_fd21cb46198f140da09a5527eeabaec2/
  9. I don't know what it exactly is actually, I am using iphone, and it has Chinese input already, which works with pinyin. And for computer one of the popular softwares is Sogou pinyin, you could get it here: http://pinyin.sogou.com
  10. I guess it's the matter of accumulation, the more you see, the more you know.
  11. Yea it's a very beautiful language. What is Garcia Lorca? I heard some Spanish songs, which are very nice, and the language sounds nice already when it's spoken by someone.
  12. First time heard of Toishan language, sounds interesting, hehe. I just knew People of Guangdong speak Cantonese, not sure what language Wenzhou people speak, but it's well known that Wenzhou people are very good in business, and most of them are very rich, in China or world wide.
  13. Ya that sounds reasonable. And it may also depends on the place where you are, if you visit Shanghai, maybe some people won't understand mandarin even by a native Chinese person, they have their own dialect, especially old people. However, nowadays mandarin is propagated quite widely, almost young people understand it within China or in Malaysia, Singapore, etc. By the way, if you learn Chinese well, Japanese might be somehow easy already, at the same time, if you learn Japanese already, Chinese would also be easy. Languages belonging to same linguistic family are similar to each other.
  14. Yea, it's quite often used to cheer up someone who breaks up from a relationship, hehe.
  15. Maybe they don't care about it that much, since it's still the main automatic translator people use online, therefore there's no force for them to improve or develop, coz anyway people are using it.
  16. usually 爸爸 comes first, then 妈妈. If you mean siemens then in Chinese people call it 西门子。in this case it's better to say 今年
  17. Actually it's not an 'idiom', just some expression, meaning the marriage between the boy and girl is arranged by their parents. The boy and girl might not know or see each other before the wedding. It was common in ancient China I guess.
  18. 百年好合 is an idiom used to give wish for newly married couple, or in the wedding itself. It can be understood as 'happily together for hundred years' .
  19. If you are learning Chinese language, maybe you could write something hear (within 150 words), I would have a look and give some correction or advice.
  20. Yea that's correct, and it's more for folk song or something like that. Nowadays not so many people like to listen to it, the music by it doesn't sound so crispy.
  21. I guess google usually translates text word by word, languages similar or close to each other work somehow good in google translation, but for languages in quite a big distance google is a little funny, hehe. E.g. it's easy to translate between English and German, but not easy to translate between English and Chinese, in this case you may just use google as some reference, and guess the exact meaning by yourself, hehe.
  22. Right now I could just think of one, which is 'more fish in the sea', not sure if it's an idiom though, but it surely exists in English, hehe.
  23. I used to think all languages are same, it's just the pronunciation difference. However, when I get to hear more and more kinds of languages, I noticed that languages are not all same! I mean for same sentence it's ordered in various ways in each language. Attitude or accent of each group of people also speak differently, some people speak softly, like Japanese, some people speak a little powerfully, like Korean, some people speak romantically, like Spanish, some people... What do you think about it?
  24. I guess it also depends on the circumstances. I visited Berlin one time, majority of the people there could speak some English, maybe coz it's the capital. People of other regions might not meet foreigners that often, therefore they don't have chance to practice, so it's not easy to improve it.
  25. Yea, it feels quite good now, happy posting! And yes it really isn't needed, and I guess most of the people might get unhappy with it, glad it's removed
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