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  1. Of course. Except northern european languages that for me all sound the same: INAPPREHENSIBLE
  2. Isn't it Latin? The romanic language which leads to the most "common" languages like italian, spanish etc etc etc?
  3. When i was in school i refused to listen to my english professor cause the whole english thing looked boring to me at that time. But two years after leaving school i totally fell in love with this language thanks to American culture, their beautiful ( to my ears ) accent and of course HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, i loved this sitcom and still, and i spent so much time watching episodes and trying to repeat to myself what they were saying to memorize it in my brain and i dont know at some point i learned a medium english level and i was so proud of myself. But know for reasons i dont wanna say, well i'm not at my best so i'm trying to re-catch all the information i used to had in my brain. And is going to be a long road to it but i will try to make my best for this.
  4. No offense, but i think that with all different real languages that we have in this world. Why anyone should want to waste time learning something that almost a 0,0000000001 of poblation in the whole world is going to understand? Im not saying that is wrong, not at all, maybe you got it as a hobby, but anyway. I wouldn't cause i dont't get it.
  5. A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out I really like that one cause its's so da.. true. A good friend is perfection.
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