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  1. That's actually quite funny. First because I love this song and second because I would say dö dö dö instead of dun dun dun. "An onomatopoeia is a word that imitates a sound" Like omnomnom? Omnomatopoeia?
  2. I would not suggest to learn it at the same time. They are similar but not that similar. And learning German should be hard enough. I guess Dutch has the same structure as German. Lots of words sound similar.
  3. That's really interesting. I always find it funny when I watch a TV show or a movie and someone says a German word.
  4. It can be useful if you already have good knowledge but it could also be very tempting to just watch the movie.
  5. Not really. Why would anyone wish that? German is a beautiful and deep and complex language. i can live with that.
  6. Das Wetter ist ja viel wechselhaftr heutzutage. Wir hier in Norddeutschland haben auch kaum noch Schnee im Winter.
  7. How many German words in English language do you know? Would be nice to create a list here. Kindergarten, Angst, Blitzkrieg.
  8. Do you think the same of classic German poems? Goethe - Erlkönig
  9. Es wird langsam Herbst. Manchmal regnet es, aber insgesamt wird es einfach nur kühler. Und bei Euch?
  10. I did learn Russian? Good to know, was pretty easy, I barely noticed learning it. I had it in mind but somehow it never came to it. Can read some words though.
  11. It's not even necessary to know more than your native language. And it's not even necessary to know that native language very well. But it can be useful.
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