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  1. I want to be able to speak two languages or more so that is my goal. I want to also be able to speak spanish fluently when I go abroad because it will make my life easier when I do speak to a native spanish speaker.
  2. I find that speaking is the easiest for me. I can pronounce most of my words right and it seems way easier for me. Writing is the hardest for me as you have to learn how to make sure that you have your words in the right place and with the correct ending. Hassle. Reading I find is also easier than writing because if you have seen the words before you know what they mean.
  3. So this is a site I use a lot and it is helpful for your writing skills and maybe even your vocabulary. Here is the website www.languagesonline.org.uk It has a variety of different activities to help you. It also teaches you how to use the tenses and how to conjugate verbs.
  4. Well listening to Spanish radio is a good way to increase your vocabulary. Then you get all the slang and the up to date contexts so you know how to use the words. Also I like watching movies in Spanish.
  5. Well I am native so it hasn't really helped me with my english but if I do learn a new word in english then it is often through comedies. Although that might be because that is all I watch. But still they are funny and help you learn english. My favourite film is Johnny English because it is about a spy that is useless. Also Rowan Atkinson is a good actor.
  6. Glad I came on to this thread. I use this phrase a lot so it will help me in my learning of Spanish. Also it looks good if I can say this in spanish to my friends, even though they won't have a clue what it means.
  7. Thanks for this. I am sure it will help me in the future. Nice find as well.
  8. Do you think that Spanish, Italian and French are roughly the same? I was sitting in Bella Italia the other day looking at their menu and of course it is in Italian but I was reading spanish off it like pollo for chicken. Also I noticed french words that are similar to spanish, sort of, so I started wondering, would it be easy for me to learn French or Italian from Spanish? I know that there are different pronunciations and stuff but it would be easier wouldn't it?
  9. It is widely spoken round the world. I want to learn Spanish so I can visit countries and speak their language so it will be easier for me on holiday. Also I like the idea of being able to speak 2 languages or more.
  10. It should be I couldn't care less. Saying I could care less sounds a bit funny if you was going to use it in the same context as I couldn't care less. Anyway it is not as effective as I couldn't care less is it?
  11. My favourite quote is "You're as thick as two short planks". Basically you're calling someone stupid or dumb. I tend to find that I use that a lot. Probably too much.
  12. The answer above is perfect but if you want some examples then imagine that your bestfriend told you something about another person that was intersesting to them. Then they might use the phrase get a load of this, I have just heard that fred has a party going on, on the 17th of August and we are all invited but the best thing is that there is going to be hot babes there. So something like that.
  13. Well I am going to get a few spanish childrens book as I am not far on but not that new at the language. I think I will probably get on to about 8 year olds books. You have to start somewhere though.
  14. Thanks for the info guys. I am getting a few spanish books, downloading a few spanish songs and getting some spanish movies so I think I am going to submerge myself. Is it easier to speak the language first then apply it to writing or learn to write spanish then apply it to speaking. I imagine speaking would be mostly easier to transfer into writing as you know the vocab. As long as you can spell okay.
  15. Fandabydosy sounds funny to me. It isn't a proper word but most people use it. I just think it is the fandaby part that makes me smile. Also cockpit is funny. Why would you name the front part of a plane that? It just seems ridiculous.
  16. Couldn't you just go to Amazon on the spanish website, www.Amazon.es. Also you could also check out other big websites on the spanish versions. That would probably help. The 2nd link in the top post is a bit funny. I think it is redirecting but I don't know.
  17. Can anyone reccomend some spanish books that are a good read? I would like easier books to start off with as I am not that linguistic in spanish yet. Also are there online spanish books? I haven't got a kindle or e-reader so I can't download them. I'm just wondering whether my library woud have any, probably not though.
  18. I have just had a quick look and it seems quite expensive. I think I will stick with the free learning routes instead of the paid. I don't want to waste my money on something that might not be as effective for me. Also they charge you £240 upfront. Not worth the money to me.
  19. Thanks for the reply. I don't know what Rosetta Stone is. I'll google it, or is it something completely different?
  20. Ok so that doesn't make sense, but it soon will. I am british, 50 and living in England and trying to learn Spanish. So that makes the title make sense now doesn't it. Anyway, I am looking to learn spanish as quick as I can. Maybe not really fluent, but as long as I can understand most conversations and buy things over in Spain with ease then I will be fine.
  21. Hi all, I need some Spanish learning apps that can work on an Android phone. I need help with sentence structures and making sentences the most, but some vocab can't hurt. Also is there any Spanish games? It would be fun if there is like a dominoes game but for Spanish words.
  22. I've been doing some brainstorming and I think I might have a technique that will help. How about sticking words around your home? Like putting television in spanish on the TV. Also would reading spanish kids books help with understanding spanish? My english teacher always said to read more books to get use to writing better so I guess it would work, wouldn't it?
  23. It is ok if you want to know a few words. Like if you needed to know what the colour green was (it's verde by the way). I find though if you put long sentences into it, it can work a couple of times but then it will just mess up. I find that it doesn't do the verbs right sometimes, like the past tense or present tense for example. It still is very useful.
  24. So I want to know how quickly someone can learn Spanish. I am a quick learner so I won't find it too daunting I don't think. But my son is taking Spanish at GCSE and I want to help him get a good grade, so I figured I would try and learn Spanish to help him. Is there anything I can do to help him or me? If I can speak it more fluently or as fluently as him then it would be good for conversations to help him and me improve. I know the basics so I am not totally starting fresh.
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