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  1. Well I am learning it myself through resources on the internet. Also I look in my sons GCSE books to see what they are doing. I try to watch and listen to Spanish programmes as often as I can.
  2. Yeah I do over use LOL. It seems so much easier to type than other words. Although, I don't like it. It makes what you are saying sound cheap. But I still use it as I haven't found a better way to quickly say LOL. It sounds like a funny word as well so I guess the meaning is actually quite good in the way that it sounds and speaks.
  3. Well to me this makes sense. All those symbols for letters. I don't know how they do it. This is a language I would love to learn though.
  4. This does seem odd. I wouldn't think that you could forget your mother tongue. As I am currently studying Spanish, I think about the words in English and keep making the link back. Also if I read a sentence in Spanish I convert it to English to read.
  5. I think it is necessary if you are going to be travelling around the world. Other than that it is not really necessary but it does help as it makes you look good to an employer and you can then travel to a country that speaks that language on holiday.
  6. Thank you for the reply. For some reason it is quite hard to find different radios in different countries.
  7. They are both the same thing. I am English, born in the UK and I always seen both ways in English. Even an English teacher would say that they are both the same. I like using "whilst" quite a bit but for me it depends on concept. For example, "while I was waiting in the queue". "Whilst I took the pencil out of my bag....". So I use whatever depending on the situation but it is the same if you are going to swap round the words. "Whilst I was waiting in the queue". I think whilst sounds more familiar to me though.
  8. They both mean the same thing. The correct spelling is "a lot". When people use alot they either don't know that it is wrong or they simply were rushing. So use "a lot" if you use it.
  9. Well I haven't gone to live in another country when I started learning another language but I did visit Spain when I was learning spanish for a week. It is actually quite a cool experience as you can put words to visual elements and hear native talk. But you need to be studying the language to be able to learn it. Without studying it will all seem like gibberish.
  10. Well I think you definitely need to know English. Then I would think it would be French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin. That should cover most of the bases.
  11. Well this explains a lot for me. Some words are confusing.
  12. My favourite words in spanish are all colours: 1. Azul 2. Naranja 3. Blanco 4. Rosa I just think they are wonderful names. Sorry if I have spelt any of them wrong.
  13. So I am getting a bit confused between the preterite and the imperfect tense. What do they mean and when do you use them. Also what are the other 2 tenses?
  14. I like to use correct grammar as it seems you should get into good habits. Also I enjoy reading a piece of work when it is grammatically correct.
  15. Definitely early. But only when they can start picking up words and stuff otherwise they might not learn a thing and it could be hard for you. But it would be hard to find a programme to keep them interested.
  16. Thanks guys for posting these links. I want to read some spanish books because I want to increase my vocab and understanding but didn't want to buy books and couldn't find much online.
  17. That's what I was thinking. Italian and Spanish kind of the same and then french just somewhere by itself.
  18. So I am trying to immerse myself in the language but of the Spanish radios I have listened to I can't understand them or they are playing English songs. Are there any stations that actually play songs as I think I have just listened to a donation message at the moment and English songs.
  19. Thanks for listing those. I will look into them but my phone is having some memory issues at the moment at the moment so I will have to sort that out first.
  20. Well I don't now whether I should share this or not but it can be useful for learning conjugation, depends on whether you can stop laughing or not.
  21. When learning english pick out which english language you are trying to learn because American and British english are very different. Like color and colour which is the american spelling first and then the british spelling second. More examples are favorite and favourite and harbour and harbor.
  22. So what is a good way to increase my vocabulary. Movies? Books? I have tried listening to some spanish radio, whilst I have been picking out some words I know I don't know most of what they are saying.
  23. I am relatively new to learning spanish but I think this is how you say it. Me chifla comida el hamburgesas todos los domingos. I hate buses because they are dirty and dusty.
  24. How do you make the accents on letters using the keyboard. I constantly have to look at articles but I just can't remember.
  25. I find conjugations hard to remember for some reason. I am starting to learn the preterite tense so changing ar, er and ir verbs. But it seems to hard to remember. How can I learn the rules more quickly. Once that part is down it will be pretty easy to learn spanish I think.
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