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  1. my parents told me that my first words were gone. perhaps that was my negative attitude as a baby.
  2. I always thought that the southern usa accent had a certain charm.
  3. without a shadow of a doubt French. It is so sexy....
  4. Exercise really helps me concentrate. Its good for your health too.
  5. I actually find learning on your own a lot easier. Your not slowed down or pushed to hard, You can learn at your own pace.
  6. It takes a very special kind of person but it is possible. Although saying that, if you work hard enough theres nothing that cant be achieved.
  7. It opens up a whole new world of picking up girls.
  8. I found Spanish very easy to learn. Its a beautiful language as well.
  9. Theres no way you need to but im sure it would be a great help and really speed up the process.
  10. I have decent irish but wouldn't say fluent, They make us learn it in school in Ireland so if I brushed up a little im sure it would come back. Try this
  11. I would say Russian and of coarse English if you don't already speak it.
  12. Ive never thought that but perhaps you have a point. I have German friends and never thought they spoke in that way.
  13. Thanks a lot this was really helpful. Keep up the good work.
  14. wonderful language, I think that it gets no where near the praise it deserves. It is very like old English. But yes I would love to improve my German speaking.
  15. I think under the circumstance of English been a second language consesions have to be made. But otherwise im quite the grammar-Nazi.
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