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  1. Currently I am in classes trying to learn, I find this is difficult and I really want to find a way to immurse myself in the language.
  2. I am planning on studying criminal justice which is a great field to be bi-lingual in.
  3. I dislike it I understand using it every once in a while when you are in a hurry, but if you are sitting on your couch watching T.V and short texting i think it is just lazy.
  4. A thick irish accent is usually rather pleasing to the ear. I also like a good jamaican accent.
  5. "Oh dear!" Alberta exclaimed, "The sun has nearly set, darkness will soon be upon us".
  6. I believe it is singular, because you are talking about the one group of "us". You are saying that there are not any people in the group but you are still referring to the single group, therefor making it singular.
  7. Saying that you could care less is saying that you are not at the minimum level of wring, which is the point that this saying is trying to get across. When you say you could not care less, this is implying that you are at the bare minimum level of caring, therefor you do not care at all.
  8. I try not to use many abbreviations when texting or on the computer. I see this as being lazy. Why not just type out the whole word or phrase. It takes an extra couple of seconds, I do not see the issue.
  9. What English book are you most proud of yourself for finishing?
  10. Because the H in hour is considered silent the correct way would be to say "an hour".
  11. Where the Red Fern Grows is a great lower level book. It has it's ups and downs but is over all a great story. It provides basic english skills with a great story to back it up. I definitely recommend this book!
  12. I see where you are coming from "received" being past tense but by putting did in front of it then you must use receive. This is not one of those things that can go one way or another. A situation where you would use received is if you were to say have received.
  13. A lot means a plethora of something, where alot is actually not a word at all. When I was young I had a lot of issues with this but it is one thing that has really stuck in my brain as an adult.
  14. I did not realize this until yesterday but my pet peeve is when someone says "I could care less". This is saying that you are not at the minimum level of caring, therefor you care about the subject. You should be saying "I could not care less" which states that you are at the minimum level of caring.
  15. My personal nemeses is the word especially. No matter how hard I think about it I will always pronounce is expecially.
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