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  1. It happens to me yup. Every time I go off into a phase of reading, I always need a dictionary by my side. Or...on my computer. lol.
  2. I'm wondering why this is the case in Ireland. Why is it that it's so difficult for Irish to excel in English at an early age? Is it because of the lack of similarity in sounds of English words to Irish words? It's good that English is mandatory there.
  3. It's the same situation in my country. It's unavoidable. The world is one such that it's language queen is seemingly English.
  4. Wow..commendable. It speaks volumes as to your mental ability and capacity; as well as volumes concerning the environment in which your parents or guardians grew you up.
  5. It was actually from birth that I started to learn the English language. We speak Creole in Jamaica, but there are some parents that teach their children standard English. I had such a parent. My mom did a good job in teaching me. I also learnt from kindergarten and also from watching TV
  6. It seems to me that we are all saying that you are more poetic when we are younger? We're saying that since we grew up, life has simply become more busy and we find more time for pleasures such as watching the television?
  7. Yes, the value of it is depleting. You see this is the sales that are made per year on Amazon, when it comes on to literature pieces. it's not going to be lost entirely though, in my opinion. There will always be a new generation of poets.
  8. It's beneficial in the context of which it is being used. If your wife is poetic, then poetry would be a good tool in capturing her heart every now and then. If she is not, then...Also, if you want to send a message and you won't have the time to read a whole article to the audience or to even speak from your mind, then put it in poetry.
  9. Well, you are right in your assumption. I just researched the word antithesis and it's meaning is exactly what it sounds like.
  10. Your guess is as good as mine. I wouldn't go with thesis. That's self-explanatory. Neither hypothesis, because it means hypothesizing or assuming. A synthesis suggests a mixture of any kind of ideas. Antithesis suggest the combination of different ideas.
  11. I believe my English has improved dramatically. So much so, that I've started working on ebooks. I'm in dire need on publishers. Can anyone recommend any of the good publishers you may know? I heard Amazon is one.
  12. Oh. I see what you're saying. The mind is a perfectionist in itself. It is trying to find the perfect words all the time. When you're speaking however, the perfect word or phrase become of less emphasis being that you are being prompted to express yourself in a limited time space.
  13. Oh yea...that's definitely true. Language is something that is instinctive and automatic...well, it eventually becomes such. So, that explains it. You work with what comes to mind first when you are speaking, and not with what it may be when you're completely ignorant.
  14. Wow, cool explanation. Very concise and to the point. I see that you can understand and relate to what I was talking about. I'm not alone. Lol. :grin:
  15. Nothing is wrong if that's your situation. Most people are like this anyway. Persons learning a foreign language find it much easier to write than to speak in the language (especially if they have photographic or pictorial memory). :grin:
  16. I wonder if I am weird sometimes. I find that in some instances, I think about what I would or how I could say something, and somehow I don't seem to find the right or matching words. Yet, when I am in an impromptu situation, I come up with the right words in my conversations and presentations, that it makes me wonder how I didn't have to think too hard about the words to find. What is it about speaking that causes the mind to function more powerfully? We need to express ourselves more, vent more, and see the relief it gives us.
  17. I'm extremely fast at reading. At least for now...I know that this could affect my eyesight sooner or later, and I will therefore have impairment when reading. However, for now, I make the most of this ability. The fast you read is a reflection of how quick your brain calculates, deduces and executes.
  18. I text with proper English most of the times. Many of my friends use the shortcuts and short-hands, but I don't really mind. I understand them and they understand me...they put up with my waste of character and words in texting. lol
  19. Many a times I have witnessed these cases. It has even happened with me. I am a fanatic about being grammatically correct and fluent though. So, like you, I spot these errors very fast and I work very hard at eliminating them from my speech.
  20. Poetry is an art. Art requires creativity and the mixing and matching of things that don't ordinarily go together. So, I have no problem seeing when writers break the grammar rules in expressing the inexpressible.
  21. I believe I am in agreement with most of your statements. Indeed, we have a lot of writings, novels, articles and so forth being published everyday, but some of them aren't really literature pieces. A literature piece represents a work of art, a masterpiece. If many of our writers would strive to incorporate literatures in their writings instead of going for quick "postings" for quick "cash", then they could in effect, be making legends of themselves (who outlive their normal physical lives on earth in the hearts of present and future readers).
  22. I find that I am not so much of an auditory learner, and so my strength really lies in seeing and visualizing things. For this reason, I find that in order for me to effectively memorize and remember things in building up my vocabulary, I have to apply extensive reading. I find it even more effective than watching a TV. I only catch the accent through watching the TV. How do you improve your vocabulary?
  23. Indeed this word is a bit overused. I mean...I use it, but I don't believe I overuse it. I try my best to limit my use of it, especially how some of my friends are now saying that the use of it represents allegiance to Lucifer (Lucifer our Lord). I don't believe this of course, but for their sakes I don't text it to them in our conversations. I much prefer "lmao".
  24. Well, once upon a time I did struggle with these words, but nowadays the proper use of them has become automatic for me. It's quite easy to distinguish them. "Their" is a pronoun, "they're" is a contraction/shortened form for "they are", and "there" refers to a location (maybe noun). :grin:
  25. I tend to be very sensitive to my recipients. If I recognize that the person that I am texting isn't a fan of shortcuts, then I most definitely won't use them. I however find shortcuts very useful, especially when texting with limited credit. Once I can shorten the amount of characters, it means that I also shorten the amount of pages in one text, and hence I save money. Also, I never find that I forget how to spell properly due to using shortcuts in texting.
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