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  1. 13 Assassins Japanese auteur and controversialist Takashi Miike is best known for ultra-violent torture pictures like Audition and only slightly less violent yakuza gangster pictures. Even his most vehement detractors could never deny his keen eye for composition and detail, and these strengths are on full display in his classical (if still ultra-violent) samurai epic.
  2. I would say that I'm a fairly fast reader in both my native language and English. But the thing is I'm easily distracted and get lost in my thoughts, so I have to read one paragraph several times before I actually "read" it.
  3. Hi there! I think you'll like it here Why did you choose Italian as the language you'll learn next?
  4. Life is good, schoolis hard - the usual. Well Slovene is one of the many Slavic languages and there are some close relatives like Croatian and Serbian, and some more distant like Russian or Slovak. Just to mention, Slovene is touted to be among the hardest languages to learn because of our duality and some other grammar constructs
  5. I've been there :sick: Once I got that down, the wholen language just opened for me.
  6. Hello there I hope you'll have a great time here. If you like learning new languages, I bet you will
  7. Hi there. I'm Rok, I'm 19 years old and I'm coming from Slovenia. I'm currently fluent in Slovene, English, Croatian and some basic German. If you have any questions about the Slovene language or the country, please ask and I'll do my best to answer :grin:
  8. Yes, on German so many times. Most of the times it was because of the teachers that just sucked all the fun out of learning the language. It's hard to stay motivated when the teacher doesn't do much in class at all. So when I saw that this was leading nowhere, I just decided that I would start learning on my own. And it worked out for me, because I got the grip for the basics of the language much better and faster than I could ever before. Now I'm pretty confident in my speaking ability, though my writing does need some improvement.
  9. Yes it is. It's a major part of our education. It's almost as important as our primary language, because at the end of High School we have to take a test on 5 subjects, and English is mandatory.
  10. I started when I was around 9 years old and it was one the best decisions in my life. Because I started so early, I got a great feel for the language and I can write and speak it just as well (sometimes even better) than my primary language.
  11. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ― George Bernard Shaw
  12. I have to say that Slovenian voice-overs are usually terrible, because many of the jokes and especially puns lose their meaning, so it is really annoying if you compare the original version and the voice-over version and you find out that most of the jokes are left out. And our translators are way to literal and people who do understand the movie without subtitles, usually just laugh at the awkward translations.
  13. I'd like to learn of the Scandinavian languages, especially Swedish. I've always been fascinated by it, because it sounds so different from the languages I'm used to hearing and I can't fathom that people actually understand each other.
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