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  1. Yea...I agree with you. A locational situation. If I were in an office meeting with fellow co-workers, I could never use words like "yow", "zeen", "Kool"...highly inappropriate. Mannn....I could get fired for that. Santa Claus aint gonna higher me if I get fired. :santa:
  2. It would be an absolute boring world for me to communicate without using slang. Agreeably, it's the older folks that disdain this modern culture, but it's appealing to me and am sure to others who are just coming up. Yup. I do not use some forms of slang though, because they are highly inappropriate.
  3. I also like Italian. At the moment I'm studying Spanish of the Spaniards; and what I've come to realize is that both of the languages are very similar. There are different variations, but it will make it easier for me to study Italian.
  4. I'm working on learning French at the moment. My girl friend loves French, and you know you have to please the woman in whatever way you can. I downloaded the babbel app on my tablet and I'm thinking of purchasing Rosetta Stone.
  5. I understand exactly what you mean. Your family being Croation would make communication and share less meaningful should you try to relate to them in your native tongue. The good thing about my family members is that, even though they live in England, France, and Panama, most of them understand my creole and they also speak English (which is one of the languages I am proficient in). The younger generation in my family are also learning English, even in Panama.
  6. I know there are quite a few folks who take fictional languages serious. Like the lady who you said translates poems into a fictional language. I however, am not a fan of them languages...I don't really see how learning it will enhance my worth on a wider scale.
  7. Essentially yes...getting the basics of the language. The basics represents the foundation. Without the foundation there can be no stable construction.
  8. This too is very important. What better way to learn a language that to converse in the language with someone who is already proficient in speaking the language. I've always graved this situation in real life, but I guess am not seeking hard enough to find a Spanish pal. Interaction forces the mind to think in the foreign language.
  9. Your strategy was very smart and effective. People learn best by doing. This is exactly what I would do. I can't think of a better way to teach. I would also incorporate the watching of videos and audio-visual programs.
  10. Spanish is a favorite language of mine. I'm currently in the process of learning the language (formative stages); so to be honest, I don't really know how to flirt or be romantic. I guess it comes with time...and situation as well. If I find myself with a Spanish girl, I may have to think up something quick por la chica
  11. I'm not sure if there is a thread about this somewhere on this forum. But I'm interested in getting some responses now...so amo post this. I believe scientists don't affirm that animals have a language, if I'm correct. It seems to me that they do communicate with each other though. So, what would we refer to their communication as? :speechless:
  12. I don't have much either. There's really just one language that I'm focusing on next year -and it's Spanish. I plan to enroll in an online school. Spanish is already a study of mine, but I'm planning to take it to a master's degree level.
  13. I don't think you can ever forget your native language. Somehow, somewhere, locked up deep in the chambers and tunnels of your brain, that language is lying their asleep, waiting to be aroused. Well, I think it also has to do with how long you grew up into your native language. If you left your homeland as a mere toddler, you are more likely to forget your native language. What do you say about that?
  14. Interesting, I'm not too fund of putting markings on my skin...though sometimes I find myself writing in the middle of my hand. Writing is helpful...but you asked about silly things done? Well, I've tried speaking to my invisible friend in the foreign language. Well, it worked...my invisible friend's voice could be heard in my head as she replied to my questions and statements in the foreign language.
  15. If this is indeed something that is legit and real...how can one get enrolled. I've never heard of this before, and so it kind of sounds outlandish...but I know it could very well be possible. If I can indeed do exercises to improve my speech, then why not? :amazed: Where did you come upon this story?
  16. You're paving the way for a brilliant linguist or translator. Let him continue his Spanish studies. He will thank you later for the help and push you gave him in the earlier years of his life. You are not only investing in him, you are investing in you. I don't believe anything is wrong if he learns all he can now. He won't mad unless you push him too much. :grin:
  17. Your response is one of the best I have read. Telepathy for me is a language. Once people are able to communicate and understand one another correctly, then they have developed a language for themselves. Now, to be able to communicate with one's spirit or mind, that is indeed something divine, spiritual and supernatural; and therefore must rank as the highest form of language/communication. I believe it happens in real life.
  18. Well, I have learnt something today...thanks to you. I realize that Portuguese and Spanish are different in some ways. I always thought they were almost identical. The "Feliz" in Merry Christmas seems to be the same for both languages. However, the "Christmas" is different for both. Thanks
  19. I think it's quite human and ok to get frustrated. It's just what we allow the frustration to lead us to. When studying a foreign language, I naturally get frustrated at the things that cause me to fumble and itch, however this frustration usually leads me to work harder. What I do is to take a break, and come back again. I sometimes even seek counsel from someone who already knows the language. What gets me frustrated most times is just the meaning of words. There are some words that you can immediately look on/listen to and connect them to a native English word; whilst there are words that
  20. That is so true. When reading, you can do it at your own leisure in most cases; and for a word or a phrase that you are not able to immediately grasp, you can also review it. The other thing about it though, is that you have persons who study foreign languages and they are, for some reason, better at quickly understanding a statement by virtue of how it sounds, and are slower at getting what is being said just by the look of things. I don't know if that's what Lin was talking about?
  21. You sound pretty decent with your English language usage. :wink:I think I am better at speaking my native patois, but by choice I always address people in English (sometimes without even realizing it). It can be bad sometimes, as some of my native folks can readily tell that I am naive to the fact that the conversation started in patois and should continue so. lol
  22. Tried it with my cell phone too and had to be in and out of the Spanish lexicon and the phone menu trying to reset the language to English. I'm done setting my phone language to Spanish. I rather read a book in Spanish. :cry:
  23. My native tongue is patois creole. As a younger lad I despised it, but I've come to realize that a lot of people like to hear when us Jamaicans speak. I guess I despised patois because I always felt that those who were able to expressed themselves in the Queens language sounded more refine. English does sound like a more beautiful language to me when I compare it with other languages (even the languages that I don't know particularly - but I hear their sounds).
  24. I think we all fumble in our communication at times (whether in writing or speaking). Society has to broaden it's understanding as to the fact that not all of the individuals within a country will have access to the higher levels of education as the minority do (some will even be restricted to a life of destitute poverty); and even for some persons who do, they refuse to make use of their resources in moving toward the higher calling. I get my spellings wrong sometimes, but I am all about continuous improvements. That's why I read a lot.
  25. I've never experienced this, and I most certainly wouldn't want to. :amazed: We can all agree that life would certainly be different if we couldn't communicate in the fashion in which we were naturally created to communicated. :bored:What alternatives would you resort to? I think I would settle with writing; am not too much into sign language.
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