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  1. When I fist came to Ireland a lot of my friends would ask me how to you say 'bitch' in Russian and so on. So I would tell me something else. They didn't know what I was telling them and they were going to their friends and saying that work. My conscious was clear as I knew that they were only saying something funny to that person and not nasty. I did tell them that they weren't using dirty language. They all laughed at me.
  2. I think that if schools were more interested in teaching kids different languages. We would all benefit from it. I would love to travel to all corners of the world, but I have heard a lot of things about people don't know English and when you can't speak their language or can't say the words properly it leads to a lot of hassle. English is a hard language to learn but so are the others too. We all should know a bit of some few languages so that we wouldn't be stuck to travel.
  3. I always thought that Italian was the language of romance. I think it such a beautiful language. What do you think?
  4. Hi welcome to the forum. Nice to meet you I am Christina
  5. Hi and welcome. You seem to have good English. This may sound a little funny but if you purchase some cd's and just listen to them when your at home your will pick it very quick. Just keep going over and over the things that you find hardest and you will get there. I learned how to speak English just by listening to people talk. I didn't understand one word anyone was say but eventually I picked some words and went on from there. Think of it like this, when your were a baby your mom talked to you and you listed to the words she was talking and you picked it up. You will get it in the end. Don'
  6. Hi and welcome nice to meet you.
  7. I know this might sound funny to you but it really did happen. When I was doing my high school exams (Leaving Certificate) a pupil in my class wore all this answers in short text. He had to redo all his exams. That just proves that doing something like short text writing will disimprove your grammar and writing skills. That pupil found it very hard to write properly.
  8. If you read a little everyday you will improve your reading speed grammar and imaginations too. When I first started to read book its took me ages to finish the book but over time I got better and better. Its like anything practice make perfect.
  9. I didn't think of it too much when people started using it at first but then everyone over used it. I use now and then but not in every sentence. Its a little annoying when people use LOL for everything. They laugh at their own silly jokes.
  10. I would love to teach my son some Russian, I think it would great for him. The faster you start teaching them the faster they pick it up. Their brain is like a sprung they soak in everything.
  11. I like to read slow so that I read all the information right and I don't have to be going back on what I had read. I also like to hear in silence when there is no one in the room. that way I don't get distracted with anything else.
  12. I was 8 when I started to learn English. I wasn't going to school to learning it I had to pick it up from people talking around me as I was staying in Ireland for nearly a year with no word of English. I got there in the end
  13. I was born in Belarus. I lived there for 12 years, not I live in Ireland I don't have anyone to talk to so I lost my native language. I am hoping to pick it up again with a bit of help.
  14. Hi my name is Christina. I am from Ireland, originally from Belarus I was adopted 11 years ago, it was the best thing that happened to me. I haven't been back to Belarus in 11 years I just don't have the courage to go back not even for a visit. I think I am afraid of not wanting to come back to Ireland. Anyway since I moved here I don't have any friends from Belarus and I don't have anyone to talk to so I have forgotten all my native language. I am hoping that I will make some new friends here and I will have some one to talk to and I can get back my native language. Christina
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