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  1. Back in elementary my teachers and parents would always attribute my growing grasp of English to books but I knew it was because of the TV shows and movies played a tremendous part. American culture in general has has taught me more English than books and teachers have.
  2. Definitely a private tutor as it provides you with much more practice than you would get in a class. In the end, practice is all that counts. You can spend as much time studying grammar rules etc but nothing provides you with a better grasp of the language than practice.
  3. Exactly, why bother correcting it if you can understand them perfectly? Also, if it's something that would be embarrassing I would tell them so it wouldn't happen to them again.
  4. Yeah, I often use it even when it's not a funny situation. It just seems to roll off the tongue. I even say it sometimes instead of texting. It sounds ridiculous but still.
  5. Nope, English is actually my third language. But I learned it at a pretty early age so it was pretty easy for me.
  6. Trilingual here . I speak English, Mandarin and Thai fluently. I also speak Japanese but I'm not that fluent at it. However, I cant read and write as proficiently for Mandarin and Thai compared to English.
  7. I think phrases is more useful since you can actually use them in everyday life. And I believe that communicating is the easiest way to learn a language. When there's actually a practical use for it, you feel more encouraged to use it.
  8. Yeah, like the people above me said, I don't think you have to be extremely fluent to be considered bilingual. I speak three languages to the point that I can communicate with people efficiently and I consider myself trilingual.
  9. I'd love to learn Spanish since I'm living near the border to Mexico and there are many people that speak Spanish here. I feel like it would be really useful in everyday life.
  10. I'm better with this at Asian languages, I can easily recognize when people are speaking Korean or Cantonese even though I've never spoken either. However, I have no way of telling European languages apart.
  11. I tried this with Japanese before but it was rather difficult. Even the slow songs are way too fast for me to keep up. The only way this could be effective is by reading the lyrics but then it wouldn't really be learning through music.
  12. Yes, I'm totally guilty of this. I find that many people use it when they aren't sure of how they're supposed to reply to the message. I find myself doing that too. When I'm not completely sure what my friends are talking about or unsure of how I'm supposed to reply I just use LOL.
  13. It depends on how prepared I feel. I'm usually pretty confident if I covered all the content taught. However, I do stress out a lot before exams that I can't prepare for, such as the SAT. I find that I always walk in feeling more confident after a good night's sleep though.
  14. My favorite quote is "Man in the Arena" by Theodore Roosevelt. It's really long so I wont post it here but basically it describes how it's not the critic that matters but instead it's the man who is actually in the arena doing things. It praises the man of action instead of the man sitting around passively judging others.
  15. I find it weird how teachers in highschool always tell you not to start sentences with conjunctions but in real life it's actually perfectly acceptable. I find nothing wrong with starting my sentences with "but" especially when it's already a really long sentences. It feels like it would make things easier on my readers.
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