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  1. As people said, it highly depends on a lot of things. The kind of job you have, where you reside and so on. And most of all, I guess, what do you consider to excel in life... If you are in USA and you work locally, you may not need another language. But you may be in an area in the USA where it's very needed to know Spanish. Or any non-English speaking country, often even if you don't want to leave the country, it can happen that you may need English for a whole lot of purposes (your company having international deals, using some English software and so on). I think that it IS relative, but in
  2. I didn't know that this is the name for it, but yes, I saw some such words:P. I do have the same with my native language being close to Serbian, which I'm learning right now. A lot of words are even completely the same sometimes, but mean something different... Anyway, for that reasons, even when I'm mostly sure in the meaning, I still ask or check in dictionary. I didn't before, and it got me in few funny situations. For example for me it seemed that when people were actually saying that they are "displaying" (items in craft show) they were actually saying that they are "lying" about somethi
  3. Yes, absolutely. Our languages are close, yet there are enough differences that you have to learn the other language. I moved out where he is, and so now, we are both learning each other's language (while mainly speaking english), but since we live in his country, I am the one having to learn it faster, of course. Which isn't a problem for me:). I am happy that we do have a chance to be together.
  4. Write down one word in Spanish and what it means. I think if each of us writes a random word they know, we may get to learn a little more vocabulary...sure, just a word, but after few posts - you may know some knew words. I think that's very easy way to increase vocabulary. So I hope you guys join me in this:). I will start. un abrazo - hug, embrace I learned that when I was trying to email columbian friend, and wanted to write at the end of the letter my usual "hugs and kisses" in his language.
  5. English is the most spoken language in the moment, so if that were to happen, it would be with English. However, people like being unique and diverse too much, I believe, to allow being reduced to having only 1 language for whatever sake. I agree that 1 language is more practical...but for some reason I think that would take something from a lot of cultures. There are nuances in every language that English just can not cover. Not to mention that there are words which translation from English has different meaning and implication in Bulgarian...and I'm sure it is so with other languages. To be
  6. I was like that... But that can happen when I have problems that I consider big...but that can be left for a moment...And then there are problems that seem so huge my brain keeps constantly trying to find a solution, and then escaping into anything, including language, isn't happening. But I am working on it, trying, hopefully soon I'll master that again.
  7. For me it's always been Spanish since the first time I actually heard someone speak it. And all Spanish-related dialects. Once in my university we had someone from Mexico, and listening to him was like music. As it has been with any other native Spanish-speaker I have met. The language is so fluid for me...I love it. French doesn't really do it for me. I once heard Finnish...it's not exactly romantic, but it is enchanting for me. It sounded a bit like the elvish talk in Lord of the rings. Not that much, but it was still fascinating. It's not a soft language at all, it feels like every word h
  8. I was extremely fast reader, because I was reading constantly. In the past years I didn't read so much, so now my reading is somewhat slower- it's like with muscles you don't use. Anyway, trying to change that. As far as reading out loud goes...I don't do it often, so I usually make some pauses when I try. I need practice, but since I haven't really needed it as a skill I haven't left much time for it.
  9. Way too many favorites, but if I have to think of one that I remember a lot, A Requiem for a Dream. Very dramatic, extremely well made in every sense. Even the use of the camera shows the emotions in the movie. Recommending to everyone who can stomach really dramatic psychological drama.
  10. It used to be like that for me too. As well as to remind me that there is a bigger world than my problems somewhere out there. And then I got into much harder period, and I forgot all that. Though I was practically thinking of my problems day and night, which wasn't particularly healthy either. May be I will give it a shot again now. Getting up earlier won't happen, but may be right before bed there can be a little time.
  11. Thank you! Hope to see it soon! As I can see there is already a section called Other languages:P I don't think there is more adequate way to call it, anyway. I was thinking that for some of the bigger languages there are a lot of sections. Is it really that different having a section for Study Apps or Links? Isn't it a little redundant? I also thought that we could make threads in the literature subforums and upload actual full books - not pirate ones, but there are a lot of books out there that are uploaded with full rights out there, classics and very old books etc. For example there are so
  12. First off, thank you for the suggestions everyone! I wasn't around for few days, and few opinions have gathered. I will comment quickly on each one. I may try to read it. I like your explanation of why you like it, and I like to give fair chance to things. Otherwise, I'm not very religious, so I wonder if that book will be good for me at all. I love Animal Farm. I think I still have a quote from its ending somewhere. I first saw the animation on TV. It was made for children, yet you could still catch the slight irony and the message from the book in it. Years later I saw the book and figure
  13. May be for English specifically, may be one section for all. I just saw that there is every possible section, even study apps...But besides the General Discussion one, there isn't a section about How you study, not for each separate part of studying that particular language. What do you guys think, would such section be useful for you?
  14. We've all had those moments in which you don't have money and really need them, you broke up with someone, you got in some other fight, or you got really sick the day before important exam...basically, things are happening and you are trying to deal with them. Do you try to go through your regular schedule still? Find some minutes to study your languages even if you aren't graded on them? Or do you leave aside everything that you can leave until you solve the bigger problems you have. I tend to stop doing other things, any things that I don't have to necessarily do, and since the bigger pro
  15. I'm in a place in my life where any inspiration is welcome, and I was wondering if any of you have suggestions? Is there any book that made you change the way you do something, or do something new, or gave you an idea of how to get through a tough situation? For example, when I was a teenager, I really loved The Master Stroke by Elizabeth Gage. It could be perceived as one more book about vengeance and love, but for me it was a lot better that that. I loved the persistence of the main heroine over every hit against her, and the ways in which she figured out her next move to get where she wan
  16. Hardest one...well, 1 I am yet to finish- The Karamazov Brothers by Dostoyevsky. Classic Russian literature is just not meant for English translation. Plus the book is over 700 pages. I'm sure it's a great book and will one day be worth finishing, but it was a very slow read for me, and I was busier at the time. Some day, I guess. I haven't yet went through Shakespeare in English, but I'd be curious to see how much I'll understand.
  17. I think the person should be/have 3 things: knowledge at the language (obviously), knowledge about being a teacher, and knowledge about teaching the age group he/she is planning to teach. Many teachers are amazing in their knowledge, yet have no clue how to present it to others. So you should have knowledge of how to teach. Not necessarily to have a degree, but if you don't, to pass an interview or exam to show that you know how to teach as well. Things like knowing how to approach a subject to make it interesting, and what study types are there are important. And last but not least...I thin
  18. Okay, so I am studying a bit of the popular languages- like English, French, German and Spanish. But I also recently moved to Serbia. I am from Bulgaria, and the language is somewhat close to ours...but different enough. The first months here I had to think more about earning enough money online (because I don't know the language enough for work) and I didn't think about the language side that much. I learned to somewhat understand people if they talk slower (sometimes I understand 70-80% and sometimes-30%)...Anyway, now I am really settling here a little more. I would like to learn the langua
  19. I'm usually pretty calm. I worry and fret about the exam over and over until the exam, study, prepare as much as I can. On the exam itself, I just relax and tell myself that I'm doing the best that I can. It has to be good enough. If it hasn't been, I evaluate my mistakes and plan what comes next once the results come. Until then I am calm. I'm anxious before things like presentations though. Besides preparing as best as I can, my trick is feeling as good as I can. Usually that means I even plan out what I'm wearing, so that I feel 100% confident. I have a friend that never got over her anxi
  20. You could also try posting notes with lists of words at home - foods on the fridge, bath products in your bathroom and so on - so that you can see them each time you go to that place. Or you can put them in study cards, put them in 1 pocket, and as you travel (if you are traveling with bus/train/metro) read them, and try to think of something connected to them. Put each study card you go through in another pocket, until you go through all of them.
  21. That's a tough one without knowing you, although I can see people gave some really great suggestions already. If I may, I have a fully different suggestion. I know you asked specifically for books, but I think you should think about why you don't read as much now. There was a time when I was constantly worried about few big problems on my mind. They were of such magnitude to me, that I didn't even want to distract myself- I needed a solution. And so it began being harder and harder to focus on fictional stories when I was too busy in trying to figure out how to deal with my own. There have bee
  22. For me it will be Japanese. I studied it a tiny bit for few months on Rosetta Stone, and that was a year ago, so I practically don't remember much. I have way too many languages I'm already trying to study, but Japanese is such a challenge, that it just tempts me....I don't really need motivation to learn it, since I wanted to even when I wasn't sure when will I use it, but if I had one it would be this: I have a friend I haven't seen in 2 years, who is Japanese and currently back home. I was invited to visit her, and she also suggested to do so in some spring (the blooming trees...). So, if
  23. Right with you on that! I was 5 years old and we started learning conversational English in pre-school. I remember only that "How are you?" for some reason for me blended in such sound that it sounded like Ariel (you know, the mermaid:P). I thought that was kind of cool. I was horrible in English up until 4th grade where I realized I may really like knowing it one day. I started learning German in high school. In university, I took another year of German, 1 of French, and 1 of Spanish. Last year I studied a bit Japanese in my spare time. So now I have a base for few languages, and I have to co
  24. I love this topic:). I have a book where I write down quotes I like, parts of lyrics, pictures and so on. I've been doing it for years. Now each time I open it, those pages can tell me, even better than photographs, what my life has been like then, by the types of quotes and lyrics that have made impression on me in that period. I have too many there to put here, and I really don't have that many favorites per say. So I will just mention a few. * " I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn't fall down." -Allen H. Neuharth "If I have the belief I can do it, I shall s
  25. I agree, there isn't a single right way of writing. The whole point of writing is expression, so it can not be all the same. People are different. However: 1. Your grammar should be correct. - But don't forget that there are always exceptions. Some poets wrote with mistakes for some purpose. That is okay. 2. The best way to write with less obscure words, I would presume, is by reading books/ academic papers etc. in the subject and genre in which you intend to write. That way you will learn what is the usual style. Of course, you should feel free to express your individual style, and if using
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