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  1. Well the majority of words in English are taken from languages like German, French and Latin. I've said it many times that in my opinion English is one of the hardest languages. Over the years I've studied many languages including Farsy, Arabic, Japanese, German, Greek and most people might find it surprising, but from all those languages that I mentioned English is probably the hardest. I'm saying this from personal experience
  2. Here is some unpopular, but rather true quotes: "Money can't buy happiness but it's more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle." "Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again neither does milk" "Many people are alive only because it's illegal to shoot them." Also this one that's from an anime, but it's rather meaningful. "lieveing things are restrained by Chains: The laws of nature, the flow of time, the vessel known as your "body", and the existence called your mind. The one chain that people can wield: WORDS."
  3. This got me intrigued and I checked. What I found was this: It all comes down to failed grammar and modern norm lol. Basically the word was misspelled and because of the norm they retained the pronunciation.
  4. I'm a really fast reader. Not only when I'm reading to myself, but even out loud. Recently one of my professors even made a remark that while it's fine to read fast I should have in mind that not everyone can follow. At some points even he was having problems finding where I am at the text I'm reading lol. I generally spend a lot of my time reading and I assume this is one of the reasons. This and also the fact that I like to speak at fast pace, but really clear so everyone can understand. I've always hated when people talk slow and that's probably the other reason.
  5. I agree. It was estimated that within 10 years China will be number 1 world economy and because of that a lot of businesses are focusing their business towards China. It is safe to assume that if half of the businesses on the planet depend in some way from China that at some point Chinese will replece English as the main language used for making deals and if it doesn't replace it at the very least will be just as influential as English.
  6. Is the TOEFL test exactly like this? I mean the level of difficulty? Is it this easy or it's a bit harder? To be honest since I've never needed TOEFL I have never even bothered looking into what difficulty the questions are. I really hope that it's at this level, since I'm probably going to have to do it to get into a university for my master's since I'm planning on studying in another country and if it's at this level it will be load of my chest knowing that I don't have to study that hard
  7. Yeah I agree. If it's for 1 word it's fairly accurate, though even then I see often words who aren't actually translated properly in my language, but they are close, so you can get an idea. However if you try to translate a whole sentence it's always really weird. The tenses are always wrong and it sounds like some illiterate robot gave you the translation lol
  8. To be honest I always just make a call rather then sending a text. As for when I'm chatting with friends I usually use full words. It really irks me when someone shortens words that are already short or really easy(fast) to spell like "thanks". What's up with 10x, ty etc... Truth be told I used to shorten a lot of the words and it got me to a point where I was literally wondering on each word how to properly spell it when I had to write it in full.
  9. I quite like Jeeves and Wooster. I'm quite sure that everyone will agree with me that the duo Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie is awesome. I'd really love to see a new movie with their present selfs. Don't you think that it will be quite interested since Hugh Laurie has changed quite a bit. I'm sure most people see him only as Dr. House at the moment
  10. Well in my country it's pretty much compulsory to learn a second language and probably 80% from the kids choose English as their first foreign language to learn. Probably because I've studied it since I was young it seems a lot easier compared to some of the other languages I've studied. Of course when I say easier I mean talking, not the full grammatic part of it, because if we take that into account I'd have to say that English is one of the hardest languages. Also if we take into account whether you want to have a distinct accent or not it can be both hard and easy. I don't know about others, but I'm having hard time having a whole sentence pronounced in British accent. There is however 1 thing that is definitely easier compared to other languages. Due to the fact that English is used in most professions daily learning words is a lot easier since you usually have heard most of the popular words already in one way or another.
  11. I completely agree. There are a lot of nations who are proud of their history and language and I doubt that they will ever change it. There is also the problem of pronunciation. A good example is the asian countries. As you know most of the people in Asia have difficulties speaking(vocally) proper English which is a result of the difference in the sounds their languages have and the English language have. To fix that problem alone will probably take at least 20-30 years or to be more precise 1 possiby 2 generations to erase that issue. By the way I don't know about other languages, but in my mother language people are using more then I'd like to hear English words in everyday speech. I have nothing against it, but why would you use a word which the person you are talking to might not know when there is a simpler and more accurate word...
  12. I haven't read this one, but if I'm not mistaken it's a heavy read or I'm wrong? A book that I just finished reading although it didn't inspire me in any way it was extremely interesting. The book was Angels & Demons by Dan Brown and it's an amazing book. If you are looking for something captivating to read this is the book. It's great. By the way there is a movie as well, but it's sooooo bad compared to the book that it's not worth reading. It literally skips the first 80-90 pages from the book lol P.S. I guess it should be noted that it's a thriller fiction, so if you are looking for science fiction it might not suit your taste.
  13. Dear lord, thank you so much. I have no idea why when I was searching this never came up. So much information it's exactly what I'm looking for. I suppose since I was searching for phonology in general and not "english phonology" it never came up. Again thank you this is exactly what I've been looking for. Got exams after the winter vacation in January and this should definitely help in preparing
  14. Thanks for the link it's actually quite nice(bookmarking it ) and it will definitely be helpful, but I'd still love if there is some site where you can see more detailed information.
  15. I've been trying to find a reliable source for those particular topics. I'm currently studing English and I missed few lectures. I'd really appreciate if anyone can give me links to sites where you can see clear charts and there aren't only empty definitions, but you can see examples. This part of the linguistic studies has proven to be quite hard, so without a good explanation I'm having difficulties to understand them. Thanks in advance and I hope I haven't wrote this topic in the wrong section. Just found this site and I'm really excited about it
  16. Lose and Loose has never been an issue for me, however "then-than" is still a bit annoying. English isn't my mother language and there are just some times where I know whether it's then or than and yet after spending 2 seconds thinking about it I get confused. I still see a lot of people misspelling "you're" and "your" as well. These two are probably the most mistaken words in English in my opinion.
  17. Like most people it all started with anime at first. Then I started watching series and movies and got to a point where I thought to myself "hey I can actually watch anime/movies now without subs, so why not learn it properly?". It seems only logical. Not to mention that I'm a huge fan(this is an understatement actually. I'm fanatic about it ) of Japan and it's always been my dream to maybe spend few years there. Planning to "master" it in 2014 and hopefully in 2015 when I'm graduating I'll possible try to find a way to realize my dream
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