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  1. Lahore is full of historic and beautiful places and buildings. My two favourites are Mainar-e-Pakistan and the Royal Mosque which is very beautiful, histroic and very huge as well. Mainar-e-Pakistan is a very high tower which is build on the place where the Pakistan resolution got passed, it is very close to our hearts as a nation.
  2. There are more than 30 languages that are being spoken in Pakistan. I can only speak 4 of them though.
  3. I want to learn Arabic first and foremost now, then I'd like to learn French too. I think these two are very beautiful languages.
  4. Well to a certain level yes, when you do not know much about the language and you know you'll be mistaking mistakes then one would be hesitant to speak it in public, but on the other hand only if you speak it, you'll get better at it after correcting the mistakes. Generally I'm a shy person, so yes I'll not speak it unless I know I'll be correct.
  5. I don't think you can ever forget your native language, but it depends upon how much time you spent home and abroad, if a 12 years old kid goes abroad and returns home when he is 60, it is highly possible that he wont be comfortable speaking in his native language anymore, but if you have spoken your native language for some 20+ years then it runs in your blood and you wont be able to forget it even if you do not speek it for 50 years. So mainly it depends upon how much you have studied your native language or at least how much you have spoken it and know in the first place.
  6. Hi linguaholics, how are you doing all? I'm Shamz from Pakistan and I am always very excited and eager to learn new stuff as well as languages, currently I am trying to learn Arabic and French and I am very glad I found this forum, hope this will help a lot in my process of learning new languages. I know Urdu and Punjabi too so if anyone wants to learn those, I can help with that. Hoping this will be fun now. Cheers!
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