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  1. 西方大家用facebook,twitter,paypal。。。。。。中国都不太用呢。用人人,微博,和淘宝来代替facebook,twitter, 和paypal。所以要和中国进行网购有点麻烦。不知大家要是要在中国进行网上买卖都会如何呢?
  2. The more time I spend with foreigners, the more I learn that I need to be flexible when communicating with them. I see a lot of foreigners who tried very hard to get their message across, and I admired their dedication to learn a foreign language that they seldom use. While grammar do helps in getting messages across, beginners might not be too proficient with grammar and it is important to be patient with them.
  3. I LOVE it when they get creative with figurative speeches in sitcoms and comedies. Here's one I can think of at the moment: Guy A: We need you to take a look at this murder weapon. Guy B: (looks at the murder weapon, then goes away) Okay then. Later, guys. Guy A: The murder weapon! What about... the murder weapon? Guy B: What about it? Guy A: Well, I was hoping, you can tell us something about it. Guy B: Oh, tell you something about it? You said just look at it.
  4. For me I have more difficulties in speaking and listening compared to reading and writing. Take English for example. The way people from different countries speak English is different depending from where they are from. The accents and tones that they use might be mixed with their own native languages, making it hard to listen or communicate with them sometimes. But it's not a problem if you communicate with them on a regular basis though. I guess the more you talk with someone, the more you get to understand the messages that they are trying to convey.
  5. Now this clears a lot of things up. Anything that is "____ of something" is a plural, and anything that is "A _____ of something" is singular. Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! So it's "Does he cause any problems for you" then! I will take note of that the next time I write a sentence with a similar vibe!
  7. 我只学过白话文的华文,看了看文言文后觉得华文实在是太深奥了!但感觉会的人不多啊,现在基本都不用文言文来沟通了,这样下去会失传的吧?这里有人对文言文有较深的认识吗?
  8. Or the third option : "Does he caused any problems for you". Which one is better when you are asking a question like this? I am not too sure if this is even correct. Should it be "Did he caused any problems for you"?
  9. I am interested in finding ways to stream Japanese TV shows as well. Domo Arigatou for everyone who has contributed and provided helpful links to the community!
  10. I learned cursive writing before! But honestly, for beginners it's really hard at first. I know when you get used to it you can write a lot faster than ever before, but it really takes a lot of practice to get to that level. And not to mention that not everyone can read in cursive handwriting! I used to get scolded for writing so "untidily"! "It's cursive writing!" "It's just some messy handwriting to me!" That's why I hardly use cursive writing anymore these days.
  11. Thanks for the correction! I learn something new here everytime I come here!
  12. Thanks for the reply! I will go with "You are all welcome to visit" then!
  13. Grammar is never one of my expertise Thanks in advance for everyone who helps with providing their answers!
  14. Do we have to use a root word after "always"? Or it depends on what pronouns are we using?
  15. Would a direct translation work? Every phrase consists of three chinese characters, that actually carry a lot of messages in it. Now the beauty of it is every phrase is only consisted of three characters, that's part of the charm of 三字经. When translated into a foreign language, some may insist that the phrase should be translated into only three words in a sentence as well, which I think may be hard considering every languages has their own set of rules or how messages are conveyed.
  16. Ladies and Gentlemen......I present you.......*drum rolls* http://chooseyourstory.com/ It's a great site with a wide selection of interactive stories that you can take part in! I personally recommend stories by Endmaster: http://chooseyourstory.com/member/?Username=EndMaster Well then, have fun everyone!
  17. I'd say the first statement is correct because. . .heck it sounds correct. Documents can be numbered. So if they are many, quite obviously you need to balance the equation. Thousands of documents does indeed sound right so I'd go with thousands of documents too. Thousand of documents sounds off when read. Thousands in this would mean that the number of documents is somewhere in the thousands and not a definite figure. I would say the first one is correct. Because if you are going to use the 2nd one, I think it has to be "A thousand documents." You need to add the "A" at the beginning. Alright, thousands of documents then! Thanks everyone!
  18. http://www.neospeech.com/ At the middle left corner, enter the Chinese characters that you want to learn about. It is also a great way to improve on your pronunciation! I hope everyone can improve their Chinese at a faster rate with this! Have fun learning Chinese everyone!
  19. I need help again. Thanks in advance for all the friendly grammar experts around here!
  20. I do that during my teens for learning English! It's so much easier nowadays though, there's probably a lot of dictionary apps available on the net that can be installed on phones.
  21. Games with a wide array of vocabulary is very good in helping beginners to learn languages. I recommend The Sims series (May it be Simcity, The Sims, SimLife, etc) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Sim_video_games
  22. http://www.neospeech.com/ Have you guys try it out? It's perfect to learn the proper pronunciation of words using Neospeech!
  23. Okay! Let's start with a normal conversation! How is your day?
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