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  1. I agree with this. I find whilst trying to learn french that if I stop for a while or don't have time to practise I have begun to forget things already and then have to relearn somethings taking up more time learning old things rather than moving on to new things.
  2. I like how Britain has so many different accents across the regions but I think so many people that aren't from England think we all sound posh or like the queen and we don't. I like the Manchester accent and Irish but I don't like Wales or Scotland's as I find them annoying and I can't understand them half the time. I think we have many great accents in the UK though.
  3. I had always enjoyed learning French at school and so I wanted to continue learning the language but I never really did until I got a new job and one of the parents who came in who is french talked to her child in french each day and as I didn't understand it all I started learning the language with Duolingo in hopes of understanding what they are saying to each other. I suppose it was just out of nosiness really!
  4. When I was in primary school the languages we learnt was french and instead of full sentences or phrases we just learnt words. Most schools here start with hello and goodbye, my names is ..., numbers up to ten and colours. It wasn't until I went to secondary school that we started to learn proper words or phrases.
  5. I use Duolingo to learn French and I think it is fantastic. I like how it is like a game and if you lose lives you have to start again as it will then keep asking you the words or phrases that you are not so good on which Is great for learning. It is brilliant that it is free as well. I have tried to learn languages other ways but Duolingo has always been the best for me, I would definitely recommend it.
  6. I don't think people could guess where I come from with my accent, most people that don't live on the island don't even know where I am from when I tell them. I live in Guernsey, I don't think we have much of an accent but we probably do.
  7. I think it is best to learn only one language at a time, learning two sounds confusing. Especially if the languages are similar, maybe learn the second when you have learnt a decent amount of the other one, not necessarily fluent, but if you learn a second language too early would it not make it even harder.
  8. I think it would be a lot easier to learn a language if you are surrounded by the language as it will be easier to pick up if everyone is using it. Trying to learn french whilst in the UK is a lot harder than if I was in France as wherever I go the people and writing are all in English so I have to find time to practise french rather than just hearing it whilst doing other things as it would be in France.
  9. I think it would be useful to learn different languages and is nice to try and use them whilst away rather than speaking to the people in English which probably isn't there first language. It's sad that most people speak English now even in foreign countries as it means people don't have to bother about learning new languages which is a shame as I think it is nice to try and speak to people in there own language rather than having them learn our language of English without us making any effort to learn the other language.
  10. As I have always spoken English I think it is the easiest language but I do think it is easier for non English speakers as so many places have English speakers. I am always surprised when I go away to somewhere English isn't a first language and they all speak English so fluently. If you are not English though any language will be hard to learn as it is not your first language.
  11. I think the website and app Duolingo is the best way to learn a language for me. I have tried reading books or using old video tapes I have found lying around the house but I think the thing that makes Duolingo better than most methods is how it is personalised and will recognise weaker words until you have learnt them better. It allows you to go at your own pace and only when you are ready can you move on to the next level.
  12. I always thought that one was an English spelling and the other American with check being the American and cheque being the English. I always write it cheque and I am from the UK so I guess it is correct here as I see it spelt that way most often.
  13. My favourite quote from a film is the quote "never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" which was in a Cinderella story.
  14. I think there are quite a few English words that are confusing, I know how to spell them but I have to think about it to work out the right way. I can never work out how to spell calendar as I get confused where the e and a goes, recommend I can never remember whether its two c or m's. Words like banana or Mississippi take a bit of thought as the repetitiveness of the ends means you have to think if you have put the right amount of the letters in to make sense when reading.
  15. I always text with mostly full words as I often forget I can shorten them. Sometimes I use text speak as it is shorter and it sometimes means I can get a message in one text rather than two and save money of two texts. It doesn't bother me when people use text speak but sometimes it is annoying if you can't work out what they are trying to say and then end up texting them again just to ask them.
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