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  1. I would love to see Korean next on linguaholic because I would like to visit South Korea and I would love to learn a bit of Korean before I do that.
  2. I will go with French on this one.
  3. I think comic books are pretty good for learning english.
  4. I don't like writing 'lol' or 'LOL', I prefer to use 'haha' instead especially when I am texting on facebook. It's just easier for me and I got used to writing this instead of 'lol'.
  5. I love the Scottish accent even though I can't really understand it. I have a lot of Scottish friends and whenever I hear them talk I just hear the accent not what they are saying because it's really hard to understand for me.
  6. I am a fast reader. I developed that only by reading more and more, it really helped me. I think this method might work for everyone.
  7. Yeah they are kind of good if you are learning only some basics about a language but as you go deeper in a language you will need either a proper teacher or a native to teach you.
  8. I always use the word 'autochtonous' but I always get it wrong. I don't know how but I alwas forget how to spell it.
  9. In Ireland, English is the most important out of all the subjects simply because most Irish children can't write in proper English and they don't have a developed vocabulary even when they finish 6th year in secondary school.
  10. My favourite quote of all time is this one: 'I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.' Socrates
  11. Before exams I am usually stressed out and scared but when I go in the examination room and I see the actual exam paper I'm not that scared anymore because I remember most of the things. The only thing about exams is not how much you study it's how much you can remember.
  12. All of my friends are used to writing really wrong on Facebook and on internet in general but I tend to write correctly because if I start writing like them I might forget how to write correctly, like they did.
  13. I think in English most of the times. I think in my native language only when I have to think really fast. It is way easier for me to think in English because the language seems easier to me than my native language.
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