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  1. As long as you search it up in your respective language it's fine. I was just saying that google play was the only place I could find graded readers for Korean. However, you don't need a tablet or smartphone to use google play, you just need a google account. The books can be accessed on any browser, I believe, though i'm only using google chrome.
  2. As any person who has shown interest in Korea, you would know that Koreans have very good music (kpop) and shows (dramas or variety). I was curious as to what you guys enjoyed watching and how you used this form of entertainment to learn more about the language. Passively learning I've found that I can read the subtitles when they appear, however my reading speed isn't fast enough to get the rest of the sentence, so I can only grasp a few words before it goes off again. Though the language used in variety shows such as running man and infinity challenge happen to be quite simple and repetitive. Overall I still need english subtitles but i'm slowly losing those crutches to attempt to watch an episode without them. What about you guys?
  3. Hey all, i'm just curious about something. Are any of you aware of graded readers? They're books created for language learners where it starts off easy but as time goes on you learn more vocabulary and complex grammar. I have heard about it before and I did buy one for Korean, however it took quite some time as the resources are limited and the books I tried to buy were $5 each on google play. If anyone has any experience with graded readers then please do tell!
  4. Deliberate practice. I'm currently taking an online course about learning how to learn. It's a combination of using the pomodoro technique, spaced repetition and applying what has been learned with other people. I use HelloTalk and iTalki to do that. The pomodoro technique and spaced repetition is mainly for memory, so grammar and words. Other then that when I have spare time i've bought a graded reader in korean on google play and i'm going through it, figuring out what i don't know and broadening my vocabulary.
  5. After learning Korean i'd love to learn Chinese. The reason why I want to learn Chinese is because i'm actually half Chinese, however my mother never learnt it and I feel a sense of guilt whenever i'm hanging out with my Chinese friends. I always feel like I should know it, and i've always been interested in the language however it seems quite daunting for a beginner.
  6. To add my own input I have to say Korean. Might be biased because i'm learning it, but it's what drew me to the language itself. The history behind Hangul/Written Korean is impressive and from what I know it's the only type of writing system of it's kind (?) (Correct me if i'm wrong). I enjoy reading and writing Korean, especially when the letters start to build up into blocks.
  7. Hmm there's a lot of good resources out there for learning korean. Right now i'm using howtostudykorean.com they have about 4 units and 25-30 lessons per unit. Each lesson starts off with new words and grammar/particles. Though from lesson 1-8 in units 1, you'll find that the sentences aren't used often since they aren't conjugated or have any formal particles. I do stress that you learn grammar first. You can learn vocabulary but not much is going to make sense if you don't know the proper grammar. Also I think it'd be a good idea if you try out language exchange with a native korean .
  8. That's actually a really good method. I think i'll start it up now. I don't keep track but I use memrise to remember the words and even then, they list the amount of words and the english meaning (Just a direct translation, no sentences or anything like that).
  9. I find that it's... all three. Well, speaking I guess. Reading and writing is easy with korean but when it comes to speaking, you have to tip toe your way around the language as you may offend someone. The social system is strict and you need to know the proper honorifics and such.
  10. I heard about this website elsewhere but at the time I drew away from it since the only language that I found which was relevant to what i'm learning right now (Korean), was Japanese. But now i'm going through the website again and I see there are some reading lists for it. I've yet to look at the korean lists but i'll give you feedback when I do! On another note - It'll go well if it becomes popular and then it'll become a wide source of reading material for all types of languages.
  11. I didn't have an interest in languages when I was younger but as I grew older around my high school stage, i started to get interested in asian culture. I'm half Chinese and in all honesty I didn't like Chinese one bit - but I took a lot at Japan, their language and their anime/manga and instantly got hooked into the sound and structure of the language. My interest in learning japanese soon faded away and Korean went and replaced the spot Japanese left behind.
  12. when I was about 6 or 7. That's when I started learning Chinese from school (But I didn't learn anything in the 9 years I did it). Year 7 I learnt German for half a year and I know more of it then Chinese. Year 7-9 I tried to learn japanese but lost interest. At the start of this year I'm learning Korean.
  13. I love k-pop. Some people make fun of me for it but... I just love the sound of it. Korean music is 20% of the reason why it drew me into learning Korean.
  14. What I did was that I went to a website called memrise.com (Good for memorizing things obviously ) and I used the Hangul course. It helped me at the start but what you have to do afterwards is move away from putting romanization to hangul characters. After that you need to understand the grammar and so on and so forth...
  15. I've tried to learn Simlish ( From the sims ) and also a wizard language that was in a book called Wizardology (I think). This was when I was a kid... It'd be nice to pick it up as a joke though haha.
  16. 안녕하세요, I'm currently learning Korean and i've spent time learning Japanese before. I'm not fluent in either of the languages but it's interesting to follow ^^ Recently i've been interested in linguistics but the problem is is that I can't stick to it I hope to talk to all of you! Have a nice day
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