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  1. If you send your children, let's say to an american public school to learn english, then they will only speak in English to you. American teachers are not allowed to speak in the language that the child knows because it is their job to teach them English..
  2. UPDATE!! the app is called ROSETTA COURSE!!!! I am so so sorry for the mix up!! this app is completely free!!
  3. Hello! I speak one language totally fluently, that would be English. Another language that I can *almost* speak fluently in would be Spanish. I'd say that I know 3/4 of the Spanish language (and that's a huge amount of words!)
  4. Okay thank you for all your thoughts on this! I am going to start learning today, and going to try and spend AT LEAST 2 hours a day! Wish me luck.
  5. I have never has a dream where there was another language being spoken in my dream besides English. I've had a dream where I was in Spanish class, but it was just all English being spoken.
  6. Is it a good idea to use Google Translate to translate full sentences? Because I was just wondering if some of the words that they use are wrong or something?
  7. How quickly do you think I can become fluent in Japanese? I am going to Japan In 3 years for a college and I need to learn at least most of the Japanese language until then. Is this possible?
  8. I agree with is suggestion! we need to have a notifications/alrets tab when people reply to our post or quote you in a post. This is a great idea i love it! Please make it happen soon!!
  9. Duolingo is a great app! I have tried a lot of apps and one of the few that really helped me learn and be successful in learning some more spanish besides tutoring classes. I hope you take my advice and try this app out for yourself! good luck!
  10. I don't know if it was another version of Rosetta Stone that i had downloaded, but everything on it was free and I did not see any place where you could buy app add-ons.
  11. For a teacher with years of experience, i would pay around 10-20 dollars each hour. For a teacher that is fairly new to the whole tutoring thing, i would pay around 5-10 dollars MAYBE 15 dollars an hour. Yes when you do tutor all the time for many hours, the dollars add up and turn into big bucks, but If the student is really focused and determined to learn that language, I would say that it is worth it to pay that kind of money. :grin:
  12. I agree that it is so so much harder to learn Spanish than English. My reasoning is just because that English has very similar words that have totally different meanings. for instance: two, too, to. also: there, their, they're. and again: which, witch. See, these are usually confused when people are trying to learn English, and once you get into the habit of using these in the wrong context, it is hard to break that habit.
  13. Hello! Welcome to the forums! It's great that you know two languages fluently. If you ever see my posts, make sure to stop in and reply and say hi! I am actually learning how to speak Spanish right now! If you have a few tips on how to make learning Spanish somewhat easier, please share your thoughts with me and send me a message in my inbox!
  14. I have used the Rosetta Stone app for Spanish and I have also used it for German. All I can say about this app is that it has been great for me and I am learning whenever I want during the day on my free time! It makes sure that I know how to pronounce the word correctly and if i am actually fitting it into a sentence correctly. This app is great in my opinion. :amazed:
  15. Hello, everyone! i found a great app, yes it is FREE, and you can learn any language you want at your pace and on your free time! The app is called Rosetta Stone. You might have seen this program being advertised on tv for $20, but now it is in app form, for FREE!! I love it, it is very clear and easy to navigate and use. This app is great at teaching you correct form of pronunciation (which is my favorite part of the app, it lets me know that i can say the word with confidence and no thought of saying it incorrectly). I hope that you can find this app and you find it to be very useful! Let me know which language you use it for and how it is working out for you!
  16. no because in america we have many tyoes of english accents. southern, boston accent (i have one), new york, etc... you may be able to with quite a few languages but some people would mistake english US accents for a different language.
  17. also id like to learn some japanese and/or some chinese. also id like to learn whatever language they are speaking in Turkey right now. that makes seven new languages that i would like to learn in my life.
  18. my top five languages i want to learn are: 1. spanish 2. dutch 3. Afrikaans 4. german 5. italian
  19. this is a great idea to me also! i would like to know if there is a website that specializes in pairing people up according to how much of the language they know and if they could pair you up with someone at the same level of the language with you! :amazed:
  20. i got a 100% on this english quiz, but some of the answers i had to guess on because either they both couldve been right or they both were wrong or grammatically incorrect. still a great quiz though, thank you!
  21. to. you are going TO somewhere. you need TO eat dinner. you need TO drink water. too. (also) (as well) i love you TOO. i am hungry TOO. i am TOO tired to move. two. (number 2) there are TWO apples on the counter. i own TWO cats are there TWO or three bananas on the table?
  22. when I learned it i did not learn vosotros. i guess my spanish teacher was from mexico because she said she has never ever used it in her life besides when she absolutely had to. :vampire: i always wondered why people did not use vosotros and just forgot about it like it did not exist. :nerd:
  23. yes there are different words for different words. i know sandals are sandales. :amazed: and tennis sneakers and regular sneakers are very similar! there are many ways to say all types of shoes in spanish :grin:
  24. el reloj - clock mi casa - my house la mochilla - backpack :devil:
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