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  1. Private tutorial guarantees a complete 1:1 ratio, which is proven to work on most studies. Learning a language interactively also increases your chances of becoming fluent with much better pronunciation and at a swifter pace.
  2. I pay for quality, so if there happens to be software that I truly feel can help me then I don't mind shelling out a few more dollars for it. However I've found a significant amount of free and low cost tutorials out there.
  3. When I used to study my hiragana I found JED to be the most useful dictionary particularly because of the pronunciation as opposed to simple translations.
  4. Thanks so much for posting this link. I'm currently using the Spanish program with a couple of friends and I've found that learning together really enhances the overall ease of learning the language.
  5. I have tried rosetta stone with multiple languages (Latin American Spanish, Japanese, etc) and I've found that although it improves my memory for words, it does not help me with full conversation skills. The combination between rosetta stone and the pimsleur method however, make for quite the effective learning experience.
  6. As a native English speaker I find the sentence structure to be a little difficult to remember. I simply feel like I'm saying words a bit backwards which occasionally keeps me from attempting spanish in front of my hispanic friends and colleagues.
  7. Sancocho=Stew. My mother is always making this in the winter, but I never knew the English translation until a friend was making some and described it to me after a reference made to her mother. . Neat
  8. Hey all, I'm very interested in brushing up on my Spanish. NL English and I'm looking to learn as much as possible.
  9. I would love to help our, I'm actually looking to enhance my Spanish as well.
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