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  1. Canzone del giorno: Adriano Celentano - Susana Ho studiato: Assimil - Italian With Ease 20/105 (+1 lezione) Ho ascoltato: Radio 24 Podcast - Voci di impresa del 29/9/2014 10:52 Ho letto: Pasta per due - Livello 1 (500 parole) Capitolo 8/16 (+2) Ho guardato: La Meglio Gioventu (2003) - circa 20 minuti. Parole e frasi utili: gita - trip; excursion sostare - to stop; halt prevedere - to predict; to plan ? purtroppo riparto.. - unfortunately I'm going back .. Stai calmo! - Be calm! Stai fermo! - Don't move! Note: /
  2. Canzone del giorno: Fabri Fibra - Su Le Mani Ho studiato: Assimil - Italian With Ease 19/105 (+1 lezione) Ho ascoltato: Radio 24 Podcast - Tutti convocati del 1/10/2014 1:21:03 Ho letto: Pasta per due - Livello 1 (500 parole) Capitolo 6/16 (+6) Ho guardato: La Meglio Gioventu (2003) - circa 45 minuti. Parole e frasi utili: bugiardo - liar aperitivo - drink sud - south moglie -wife buttare - to throw Note: I will be attending the polyglot conference in Novi Sad (10-12th October) . I'm looking forward to hearing the presentations. Some of the more famous speakers are: Professor Alexander Arguelles, Luca Lampariello, Alex Rawling and Conor Clyne. http://polyglotconference.com/programme/
  3. Canzone del giorno: Eros Ramazzotti - Parla Con Me Ho studiato: Assimil - Italian With Ease 18/105 (+ una lezione) Ho ascoltato: Assimil Lessons 1-17 (Revisione) Ho letto: Il Signor Rigoni - Livello 1 (500 parole) 34/34 (finito) Ho guardato: / Parole e frasi utili: laggiù - over there cartolina - postcard frigorifero - refrigerator sedie a sdraio - deckchairs prendere il sole - сунчати се cameriera - housemaid campanello - bell comodino - night table doccia - shower vasca - bathtub pulito - clean asciugamano - towel coperta - blanket; cover; cuscino - pillow Note: Exams are over, I'm back on the grind.
  4. Hands down, this one: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taa_language Read the Grammar and Phonology description and you will know why.
  5. Never tried it, but I'm 99.99% certain that there are no benefits in doing it. Your brain is resting when you sleep, it does not absorb new information.
  6. I used to misspell "tomorrow" and "business", but now when I want to write them, for tomorrow I think of the word "arrow" and that's how I know that there are two Rs and not two Ms. And for business I imagine a bus being eaten by the Loch Ness monster.
  7. Canzone del giorno: Fabri Fibra - In Italia Ho studiato: Assimil - Italian With Ease 17/105 (+ una lezione) Ho ascoltato: Radio 24 Podcast - Voci di impresa del 14/09/2014 13:30 Radio 24 Podcast - Voi siete qui del 12/09/2014 20:03 Ho letto: Il Signor Rigioni - Livello 1 (500 parole) 11/34 (+ tre pagine) Ho guardato: Camera Caffè - S1E7 3:37 Parole e frasi utili: il mattino ha l'oro in bocca - "Ко рано рани, две среће граби" senza dubbio - without a doubt; undoubtedly mezze-verità - half-truths orfano - orphan pezzo - piece più o meno - more or less matto - crazy spesso piove - it often rains visitare - to visit evitare - to avoid; to dodge; fa troppo caldo - it's very hot umido - humid; damp; wet; moist Note:
  8. Yes, I was not able to edit them because of the time frame. Expanding the time frame for editing posts to a day or two for starters seems like a good idea! Thanks, you too!
  9. I can't say much from personal experience, because I was immersed in English via TV shows, cartoons, movies, and I read books and recited poems since I was kid. I always thought that English was easy to learn because I learned it without a problem, but looking at it from a different perspective, I believe it is hard. The basics are easy, but if you want to master it, you are gonna have to try really hard. It takes time to master phrasal verbs, proper use of tenses (e.g. has spoken, had spoken, had been speaking, have been speaking), infinitive and gerund, and to differentiate between finer shades of meaning.
  10. Thanks! You are right, I did speak a little slower. I plan on recording myself reading a short story in Italian in a couple of days, and I'm gonna post it in my log, so maybe you can give me a few pointers. I know that the elle "L", is a lot softer in Italian than it is in Serbian, and that when there is a double letter after a vowel, the vowel is a little longer.
  11. Canzone del giorno: Nek - Laura non c'è Ho studiato: Assimil - Italian With Ease 16/105 (+ uno lezione) Ho ascoltato: Radio 24 Podcast - Tutti convocati del 12/09/2014 1:16:20 Ho letto: Il Signor Rigioni - Livello 1 (500 parole) 8/34 (+ tre pagine) Ho guardato: Camera Caffè - S1E6 3:37 Parole e frasi utili: già - already; Sei già qui? forse - perhaps; maybe coppia - couple (noun); Loro sono una coppia. chiedere - to ask (for, about); request albergo - hotel ottimo - excellent il impiegato - employee Note: I made a couple of mistakes in the last post, but I couldn't edit them. I wrote "ho imparato", instead of "ho studiato" (learned vs studied), and Assimil Italian With Ease actually has 105 lessons and not 100. Camera Cafè is still hard to understand, they speak too fast and I only catch a few words here and there, and I get the gist of it sometimes. Here is the link to all the episodes if somebody learning Italian wants to watch it: http://www.dailymotion.com/EpisodiCameraCafeITA
  12. We also have the one with the tigers in Serbian: "Три тигра и три тигрице" How did I do with the Italian one, is my pronunciation ok? That was my second recording. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0DrL5f59Kcn
  13. Canzone del giorno: Negrita - Che rumore fa la felicità Ho imparato: Assimil - Italian With Ease 15/100 (+ uno lezione) Ho ascoltato: Radio 24 Podcast - Tutti convocati del 10/09/2014 1:20:48 Ho letto: Il Signor Rigioni - Livello 1 (500 parole) 5/34 (+ cinque pagine) Ho guardato: Camera Caffè - S1E3 3:51 Camera Caffè - S1E4 4:19 Parole e frasi utili: amanti - lovers felicità - happiness coraggio - courage cura - cure righe - lines sotto il sole - under the sun rughe - wrinkles insieme - together dunque - therefore purtroppo - unfortunately camminare - to walk certamente - certainly; Of course! questo significa - this means
  14. Thanks for the welcome! I understand your concerns about sub-forums, but I think that opening a Language Log sub-forum as soon as possible would be a really good idea. It would certainly bring in more people and would give them another reason to be a regular member of the forum. I for example came back because of the fact that I wanted to keep a log. I only started posting yesterday, so if I think of some suggestions or find any problems, I'll let you know.
  15. Hand something over - to give something to someone "Hey, that's my book, hand it over!" Can't see hand in front of face - unable to see very far, usually due to darkness "It was so dark that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face"
  16. Ciao a tutti! I couldn't find a Language Learning Log sub-forum, so I thought I'd open one in the Italian language sub-forum. I have been learning Italian for 11 months now, 8 of those 11 as a compulsory subject in college, and only 3 months of self-study. During those 8 months I only learned some basic verb conjugations, how to count to 100, and some basic colloquial phrases. A couple of months ago the language bug bit me and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I'm studying the English language at a faculty in Novi Sad, Serbia. My exam period lasts till the 29th of September, so updates might not be so frequent until I'm done with the exams. In this log, I will be keeping track of my Assimil progress, amount of books read, amount of movies watched and I will be writing about words and phrases that I encounter and find useful, along with maybe some random attempts of writing in Italian. All corrections and suggestions are welcome!
  17. In Serbian: Dobro jutro. (Добро јутро.) Kako si? (Како си?) Kako se zoves? (Како се зовеш?) Moje ime je Aleksandar / Zovem se Aleksandar. (Моје име је Александар / Зовем се Александар.)
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