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  1. Well morning seems to be a good time to learn about anything. But if you have an inspiration or something that's motivating you to learn the language, I think anytime is good to learn it, as long as you have the urge, unless you have something else more important to do.
  2. I think for me it has been in a foreign country and I am with friends and I can't speak their language. My friends always did speak English with me, but there is always some conversation that goes on in their language. And some times it provides a laugh or a secret, I don't know. That is motivation enough for me to find out.
  3. Hi, can you translate this in any foreign language that you know. Please specify the language and if possible the pronunciation. Good Morning How are you? What is your name? My name is Ray. (Insert your name instead)
  4. Thanks Trellum. Yep, Google is the one I always keep using for quick translations. I tried others, but they either gave the same result or they didn't make any sense. If I am lost with the meaning, I sometimes look for sites that offer common phrases, and sometimes it helps to decipher. Babbel is something I am yet to try, but it will only be for a specific language.
  5. Most Languages I know are written from Left to Right. Some others like Chinese and Arabic follow a different direction. What other languages do you know, that adopt a different direction? How difficult is it to follow the direction and understand the language?
  6. I agree, the resources are very few. I found a list of books that may help you with Hindi. There is one phrase book, but there are also complete courses that are very helpful. It also mentions the software 'Rosetta Stone' for online and interactive learning in Hindi. http://goindia.about.com/od/learningthelanguag1/tp/top-5-hindi-language-books.htm
  7. That's true, native speakers may have learn rules of the language unconsciously, and may have taken it for granted. They may not be the best to explain the rules of their language, unless they themselves have studied it thoroughly or as a subject. A non-native speaker on the other hand needs to first learn the rules of the language, and therefore, once enlightened, can easily give you that knowledge. Also they may be able to teach it in a very easy form compared to native speakers, who are already at a complex level.
  8. Wow, that is a very interesting piece of information. I am wondering if a recording device can be used to verify the words for its meaningful translation later.
  9. You find a person, a he or a she, and you are really attracted him/her. The only problem is that he/she speaks a foreign language. I won't specify a language, because it has to be a language that you don't speak. If there is a chance for a relationship, will you pursue it? Will you gladly learn a foreign language for your partner? Do you think you can communicate well, and have a good relationship?
  10. I think a lot of this depends on the people we interact with. We may see a lot of people who talk well, but its the ones we interact the most with, that cause an impact on the way we speak. I am comfortable about the way anyone speaks, as long as they get the message through.
  11. Has anyone used the Babbel App for learning a language. I am trying to learn Indonesian and I have seen that they have an app for exactly that in the android market. Have you used Babbel and would you recommend it?
  12. Has anybody here got into any trouble while speaking a foreign language, that you haven't completely mastered. There can be times when you pronounce a word with a slight difference, unknown to you, and it turns out to be another word altogether. I have fortunately never been in too much trouble, and had my friends correct me, when I tried my hand at Arabic when I was in the Middle East. Have you got yourself into in any trouble or an awkward situation?
  13. I often use google translate to translate words, but it never does give the exact meaning of phrases or sentences. Is there any app that is capable of translating simple phrases and sentences with their exact meaning?
  14. I think the best way is to have a favorite Song and a Movie. There will always be an yearning to speak exactly like in the song or in the movie. My most favorite way is by singing a song, because it is so easy to repeat and fun to do so. And then you have to translate the singing accent into your normal talking accent. Also if you spend a lot of time with people having the accent you desire, you automatically learn to speak it that way. It happened with a friend of mine who was in college, and had British friends. When he cam on home, he had a little of a British accent.
  15. I really like french and they way they pronounce words, its a very seducing language. It has a flow and rhythm that is fun just to listen. Spanish come a close second. Both languages are quite exotic to me. As for the language I like the least. I don't think I see any language as something I would dislike. Every language I don't know is always intriguing, and since I have a fondness for different accents, I can safely say that, I like all languages.
  16. You're absolutely right, I have used google and other translation services, but the meaning is never translated accurately. It was only after checking with people who speak the same language, that I have realized, that it is never accurate. There are different words that have the same meaning, but each of them are used in a specific context, and this can be understood only by being able to understand the meaning of a whole sentence or phrase. A translator can never do this, or it has to be really good to be able to do this. So its best to have a friend, or at least a real person you can chat with online, to learn the true meaning of the language.
  17. Hey that's pretty nice. I will have to pay attention so that I don't such errors. Most people forget to use proper grammar while they chat online, and sometime things clear to one, may seem different to another. The common man is bound to make such mistakes, because sometimes they don't know the difference, and sometimes they just rush through it.
  18. Hi, I am Ray I joined the site yesterday and thought I would introduce my self to fellow Linguaholics. Currently I am trying to learn the Indonesian language. The method I am using is by direct interaction with the people I work with and from online resources. All the best to all, and It's great to be here.
  19. This is very true about a foreign language. You may have learnt the language, but without frequent use, you tend to forget words and phrases. I used to know a bit of malay back in 2001, but now I have now absolutely no clue about it anymore, I am confused trying to remember some words. On the other hand I am interacting with a few Indonesians now, so I remembers words and phrases quite easily.
  20. Never, because its so much fun. I have tried to learn languages because of the people I have come into contact with. I like to learn their language, and it helps to practice with them. I think one of the best ways to learn a language is when you can interact with a person of that language. I guess for people who are trying to learn a foreign language, it might help to make friend online and do a video chat session. Again if we learn a language slowly and enjoy the process, it gets into our system with much hard work. Its another thing altogether if you are trying to learn it very fast.
  21. I have used google translate on numerous occasions, and upon verifying the translations with others who have a knowledge of the language, realized that they are not an exact translation. True meaning of a sentence is not translated accurately. It may be used for just words, but for sentences you may need more help. Meaning may be translated, but structure isn't, so you may end up something that doesn't necessarily make sense.
  22. Hi Currently I am trying to learn the Indonesian language. I have learnt the simple few like 'apa kabar' for how are you, 'selamat pagi' for good morning, 'ma kasih' or 'terima kasih' for thank you. I am lookin to learn more, so I can be fluent in it. Can anyone suggest the best resource or app to learn the Indonesian language?
  23. My most favorite accent is the Scottish accent, it sounds melodic, and it's the accent I have tried the most to imitate. I must say the accents from the UK, are interesting and at the same time difficult to understand. American accent is simple and easy to understand. Other accents that interest me are French, Spanish and Chinese because they bring a little flavor to the table.
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