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  1. That is interesting, I can think of three right now All thumbs - to describe someone who is always clumsy Backhanded compliment - which is a negative compliment or an insult And something I often heard as a kid The devil makes work for idle hands - if you aren't busy, then you're up to no good
  2. Bit of a science fiction guy, so here is a quite from Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' by the character Salvor Hardin “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”
  3. It may not be the easiest to learn, but it is easy to learn because of how much of it we experience in our daily lives. We see and hear English almost everywhere, on the in the internet, our phones, electronics, and even in our own languages. There is always some of English that some of us like to mix with our own language, and from my experience, watching how fast some people learn simple English, it is hard to deny how easy it is.
  4. My experiences in trying to remember words from a conversation in a foreign language, have had mixed results. I recall one particular occasion when I remembered the word, but a freind of mine translated it later into something that didn't make sense. Sometimes there are similar words, and you have to remember the subtle r's and l's in it, otherwise they sound like another word. But if you the context of the sentence is explained, then you may be able to learn the exact word later. Writing it down immediately somewhere is better, or you you could record the word into your phone.
  5. Even though I was studying another language in school, it wasn't until I went to a foreign country, that I really yearned to learn another language. It was partly because I wanted to communicate with with the natives, but mostly beacuse I wanted to speak easily with my friends. Later time in my life, I had a desire for another language, because of love. But now I always have a desire, just to know even words from another language. Its just amazing to watch another person smile when you say good morning in their language, when they just weren't expecting it.
  6. A year back I tried to learn the script for fun, and as it turns out, you can learn it really fast. You can almost remember the first four at a time as one, then the next four, and this is is great when you try to relearn. This makes learning very fast, a day to learn and another to remember it I guess.
  7. Its actually amazing to see how kids can grasp many languages. My nephew knows the meaning of some words in at least three languages. They learn it well, if they learn it for fun. They just hear us say the words and repeat them and associate it with its meaning, and they are genuinely curious to its meaning. Instead of teaching them, they just need to see us talk in the desired language for a couple of months and they probably will grasp the foundation for that language. After that it will be easy for them to learn in depth.
  8. How about "foot in your mouth" - When you talk to the neighbors, make sure you don’t stick your foot in your mouth. (Not that he is flexible) Change of heart - A week later when I met him, he had a change of heart, he let me drive his car. (He definitely did not have a heart transplant, along with an attitude adjustment)
  9. something that was always told to me when I was a kid "the grass is always greener on the other side" - always wanting what you don't have "golden opportunity" - the perfect chance "born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth" - to describe a person who is born rich
  10. The R in some languages are a bit tricky. When I am confused with the R in some words, I try to find a video where a native speaker speaks exactly those words or similar. Then I just keep watching the video repeatedly and while saying it back. What happens is that, I try to copy the native speakers mouth movement and somehow, am able to produce the same sound. You could say that I am visually training my mouth.
  11. Here is some in Indonesian anjing (dog): bohboh ayam (cock): kokakakeh kambing (goat): meheheh Kucing (cat) : gneow gneow sapi (cow): owoooh
  12. I honestly wished Languages were taught at an early age. It sinks in so effortlessly at that age. I have been exposed to three languages when I am young. Though I can't read and write in one, I speak it like a pro. The other two I can read and write just as well as the other. Both are languages I have learned when I was young. Lately I have tried my hands at Malay , Tagalog and Indonesian, and I have to say it does not come easy.
  13. Most common of the first sentences include the formal way to wish people and thank people. And how to introduce yourself. I think is something that happens when you even learn a new language as a second language in school. Our teacher often starts with training to use the common 'Good Morning' or "how are you' or 'My name is ....'
  14. I have noticed the same. I was in Malaysia and Brunei for a while and have noticed the usage. There are many words that sound familiar in all these languages. And I lived near a philipino with whom I always shared a game of badminton. I realized a lot of the words like salamat, ako, sama sama, dapat and other common word. This points to the fact that they had a few common points of origin.
  15. That is great information. I think it is worthy of being my 3rd homepage, just so I can click it and learn a new word every day. And especially after seeing today's word of the day. I had no idea about the word "pusillanimous". pusillanimous Definition: (adjective) Lacking courage; cowardly. Synonyms: spineless, craven Usage: Why, you pusillanimous piece of dirt, you'd run with your tail between your legs if I said boo! OK, I am not sure whether I will be using this word, but it sure is good to know that it exists.
  16. Hey, thanks for the info. A couple of months back when I was having dinner with my friends, one of the girls in the group called the other 'tol'. Since then I always heard her call the other tol, and I got curious since the other girls name was Karen. I inquired if it was a nick name, but she replied that its something like 'sis'. Good to know that it can be used for both men and women.
  17. There are so many good ones, there are some I have used my self "Don't ever let somebody tell you - You can't do something." from "The Pursuit of Happyness" (yep, with a y) "Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer from "The Godfather", the most easily remembered "Close your eyes and pretend it's all a bad dream. That's how I get by." from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, me too!
  18. 'Jack and the Beanstalk' - fee fi fo fum, a great big giant in the sky. There were days I wished I had a goose that lays golden eggs. 'Cinderella' - I liked the fact that someone poor could be helped by magic, what kid doesn't like instant help from magic. Where is my fairy godmother? 'Little Red Riding Hood' - the words 'the better to.... " have been imitated a lot in our family
  19. There was once when I completed a document and stared at it, finding no mistakes with 'spell check', yet feeling something was wrong. It was 'Weather'. Sometimes these things do happen. I've made mistakes when I have actually rechecked a document in a word processor, like modifying the its to it's, quite unconsciously. The same goes for lose and loose. But it mostly happens in long documents, when you are already tired and want to give up for the day. Or short boring ones.
  20. We have all been mesmerized by PSY's Gangnam style sung in Korean, and some of you may be a fan of Macarena sung in Spanish, or even the great Lambada sung in Portuguese. Which is your favorite song in a foreign language?
  21. My favorite without a doubt has to be the common 'Back Seat Driver'. Its something I have to use at least once a week, especially with friends who still haven't got their driving license. Actually its worse when they know driving. Unless I play some music and distract them, it is almost as if their words are going to drive my car, and I am in a lot of pain when that happens.
  22. I am a fan of Isaac Asimov as well as any Sherlock Holmes Adventures. My favorite Asimov book is 'I Robot', a movie was made of it, but it was never as good. As for Sherlock Holmes, I think I have almost read all of his cases. I remember having read a book of short fantasy stories a few years back, which included the Hobbit story, and only now realize it is the same Hobbit.
  23. I really like to text without shortcuts, because I want to be as clear as possible without the recipient misunderstanding what I said. And I do appreciate senders who do the same, especially in a professional scenario. But there are times I want to let loose and type 'u' or a 'nite' or ahem, but that depends on the company, like friends or the cool kids. And I always feel cool if I have to explain a new shortcut or a slang.
  24. Ketchup is the standard name being used by manufacturers and consumers. But Catsup is still prevalent in most parts, because that is what it was called in the US when it was being manufactured for the first time. Only later did it get a standard spelling in Ketchup. The origin of both words is said to be from either kechiap from china, kicap from the malay language or from kecap which is an Indonesian word, all of which are for sauces made from different ingredients like shrimps, spices and herbs.
  25. Learning languages through movies are effortless. There are common words that will easily sink into your mind with repetition. They won't help for complex learning with grammar, but for a beginner or casual learner, its very good. I loved watching Jackie Chan movies, and even though I never tried to learn any Chinese, I got some automatically into my system. Like 'Ni hao', 'Ni Hao Ma'. And usage of such common phrases have brought a few smiles when I interact with new friends.
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