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  1. I agree. But I think both those movies and books are pretty much mainstream. The character of Hannibal has been an icon so I think it's not really lesser known. But I think it is not that well known with this generation.
  2. Well I think it depends on how the book is presented. I mean if it states that it's a "theory" only then it can be in the Non Fiction section but if takes itself way too seriously and just claims everything to be hardcore fact even though there is no proof then it might be in the Fiction section.
  3. That doesn't make any sense. I mean sure it's going to be hard since there has to be some cultural differences but I don't see the point in that. It's kind of like racism in a way. If the writing you'll do requires you to write a different race then it's okay. Just because some know-it-all wrote an essay that doesn't mean it makes sense.
  4. Nope. They never worked for me. Even though I'm pretty much a romantic person I tend to stick close to what works and never with what makes me feel good. Some of this kinds of books are really too much to handle. They're either too cliche' or the characters are too dumb to even be interesting let alone sympathize with.
  5. I think it depends on how he story is told really. I think the goofiest monster could be terrifying if it's done right. But for me I think psychological thrillers are far more terrifying than that off monsters. Because monsters you can fight, there's a chance that you can win but when it comes to the psyche and sick mind there's not much more you can do about it, it's just pure dread.
  6. I misspell a lot of words. I usually misspell the words that I use everyday which is kind of stupid for me but it's more of a typing issue in my part. I type really fast sometimes so my spelling for words like "sometimes" would be changed to "somethimes" because I tend to mix "something" and "sometimes". Minor things like that.
  7. Do you mean online courses? I pretty much ignore them. The only thing that's great about them is that every time you finish a course you get a certificate from them. But if you're just out there and want to learn English just for the heck of it then it's okay to just use Youtube and look for great tutorials. They're basically the same as the paid ones.
  8. I despise people who uses horrible shortcuts like "Do U lyk 2g2 my plaz latur?". I always keep it clean with my texts, proper English, proper grammar proper everything. I can understand when people use shortcuts when they're walking or driving while texting because you can't really focus on texting if you're doing those things but if you're going to text me like that everyday then you're better off calling me because I'm not going to respond to that text.
  9. Well that's funny. I don't really feel any stress when it comes to exams, maybe because I don't care much because for the subject and my grades or the exam doesn't really have a huge consequence. But if you know what you're doing and you know for a fact that you studied the things you're supposed to then there's not point stressing it out. But I had a friend once, in English class we had this very long exam. About an hour in the exam he stood up from his chair cupping his nose and there was droplets of blood all over his answer sheet.
  10. Catsup sounds, well not sound but the spelling looks weird. I always pronounce it as "Cat's Up" whenever I see it without realizing what it meant. I thought it was just a joke or something. And ketchup feels better in the eyes and the tongue.
  11. I always hated those especially on tests. I mean, sure it's good to have a few questions but my God 50 questions and all of them reading comprehension? I hit that once when I was taking an exam for my English class credit and from then on I hated it.
  12. Well that's a very old school thing to say. I use my phone for almost everything now so it includes checking for spellings and grammar and meanings and all that stuff so I don't carry around a dictionary.
  13. I think I've encountered that kind of thing when we we're studying Shakespeare but I for the most part I hated it. It sort of takes away the mystery and the free for all meaning behind the concept of the novels so in a way it sort's of kills it. But I think it's more for educational purposes rather than actual casual reading.
  14. My first childhood storybook was, well it's not a child's book really. The first ever story that I've read was Dracula actually, granted I never understood half the words in that book but the story was stamped in my mind and it was really memorable for me as a child.
  15. I haven't read that much classic books but I did read Dracula and I think it's as classic as you can get with horror books at least. I don't really like reading classics that much because I was born reading modern and contemporary books so I feel like a lot of the cliche in the classics ruin it for me for all the wrong reasons.
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