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  1. I think it's always good to have a certificate for something you've learned. Not for bragging and all, but mostly as a black and white proof of your skills. If it doesn't cost too much, I suggest that you get a certificate. You will surely reap your rewards by doing so and the good thing is that, it can stay in your CV for as long as you want. In my view, I think of it as an investment.
  2. Hi! Nice having your here on the forum. I admire you because you like to learn Chinese. I actually like the language too but I get discouraged every time I see the Chinese characters. I feel like it's too difficult for me. Well, I hope you can learn a lot here! And also, please share some of your knowledge too. We'll be glad to learn from you as well.
  3. I don't actually know why, but when I get angry, I feel like I speak English more naturally and fluently. It seems that words just naturally flow out. I know that it doesn't make any sense saying it bluntly like this, but this is what I often experience. Does someone know the reason for this?
  4. I learn a language best by exposure. I immerse myself in the language as much as I can using things that I find enjoyable. For example, I watch Japanese Animes and shows so that I can learn the language easier. I am learning and enjoying at the same time and it doesn't feel like a burden at all. I even try to use some words in my everyday life for me to remember it.
  5. I agree with this because I have experienced this firsthand. I learned English by watching English movies and listening to English radio programs. You get to pick up not just the words but alsp the rhythm of their language even without trying. I think this a very good alternative in learning a language because it is enjoyable.
  6. Like Baburra, I also like to learn Japanese so that I can watch shows without needing subtitles. I'm such a very big Anime and Manga fan. But aside from that, the process itself of learning Japanese is already motivational. It encourages me to continue learning more especially when I encounter some words that are very useful and very common in casual conversations. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction just by learning something new.
  7. It's not technically easier, but it comes off as that because people tend to become more interested in it. I actually experienced that first hand. I teach English to Koreans and one of my students asked me to teach her my own language (I'm Filipino, by the way.) They first thing they wanted to learn were the curse words. They wanted to prank their friends and pull tricks on them using another language.
  8. I like listening to Japanese music. Music-wise, I think Japanese people put a little bit of Jazz in their songs regardless if it's rock, alternative, etc. Since I'm a big Jazz fan, that's one big positive point for me. They also have very catchy phrases in their songs. When it comes to the language, as I've mentioned in another thread, I really love the Japanese syllables. They're easy to learn and it's like music to my ears. It's very rhythmic in my opinion and very expressive as well.
  9. I think if you get to the point wherein you can already speak with a native speaker without any hesitation and you could even joke using the language, you could already be called a "fluent" speaker. I teach English to Koreans and I encounter students who feel they are fluent, but when we start joking around and all, they would lose it. I think that means they're not that comfortable with the language just yet. If you can already think using the language and not by translating your thought word per word, that is also an indicator.
  10. I'm quite exposed to different languages like English, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Putting English aside, I think Japanese is the easiest for me to learn. I love how their syllables are not complicated and you can even learn the basics of the language on your own. I've tried that before through some websites and it worked. However, since I didn't actually use it, I somehow forgot most of it. But, yes, in my opinion, I think Japanese is pretty easy.
  11. Hi, Magicdave! Welcome to the forum! Well, you just came at the right place. You can definitely learn a lot of new things here when it comes to language. Also, if you have any ideas that you want to share, please feel free to do so! Enjoy your stay here.
  12. I don't see any significant difference, to be honest, in regards to me being "smart." In fact, because of these latest technologies, I get distracted most of the time. I'm not saying that today's technology is bad, but rather, it can lead a person to think that it's okay to not to put much effort in studying.
  13. If I have to study alone, I always prefer to do it inside my room. I feel more focused and I can concentrate more when there's less noise and distraction. And in my case, my bedroom would be the best place to go for. It's very quiet and relaxing. But it can get too relaxing, because I tend to fall asleep sometimes!
  14. I don't have any kids yet but in the future, I'll be more than happy to teach them the languages that I already know. I think learning more than one language makes a child smarter. And of course, who wouldn't want their kids to be smart?
  15. Thinking of using Google Translate is not a good idea at all. It sometimes translates sentences on a word per word basis. And as we all know, different languages have different sentence constructions. Because of this, what usually comes out on Google Translate is something that is of no sense.
  16. In my opinion, I think that cursive is still the most elegant and sophisticated way of writing, and we should not forget it. I admit that I "unlearned" it somehow, but now that I'm back to school, I'm trying to re-learn it. I think everyone should do so as well.
  17. Hello there, welcome to the forum! I'm glad that you have joined us. I know that you will enjoy it here because just like you, we are all passionate about language as well. I'm looking forward to talking to you through the threads!
  18. You're absolutely right with that. I know that due to our fast-paced technology, there are now other alternatives for learning a new language. There are apps, software, and online videos. But having a live teacher is still the best option because you will always need guidance while learning. And a teacher can definitely give you that.
  19. My favorite manga would be Xxxholic. If you haven't read it yet, you should go ahead and do so. I love the graphics, everything was drawn so well and I also love the fact that it gives the readers a good moral lesson at the end of each story. Go check it out!
  20. There are a couple of words that I think has a weird spelling. First is the word "Wednesday." I just find it weird because when you say it, it should sound like "wens-day." Also, I find the word "Queue" weird. It's quite funny, I've never really remembered how to spell it correctly (I had to google the correct spelling before I can post it here).
  21. I'm just curious, how do you do the "true to words" kind of translation? Because as we all know, different languages has different sentence constructions. So, if you're just going to translate it word per word, it might be confusing (Google translate, anyone?) Would you mind posting an example? I'm just dead curious.
  22. That was a really nice and detailed explanation. If I may add up, when you say "should," it means that you need to do something. For example: "I should throw this out." It means that you need to throw the thing out. When you say "could," it means that you have the ability to do something but it's not definite that you're actually going to do it. For example: "I could throw this out." It means that you can throw the thing out but there's no assurance that you will actually do it. Hope this help as well!
  23. I agree with you, Krizzal. These seven tips are wonderful (thank you so much for sharing it, by the way) but in my opinion, it would be better if there would be some exposure. Aside from the suggestions added by Krizzal, I also recommend listening to podcasts and audio books.
  24. I've been through that phase as well. I guess we all did. And this happened to me before because I felt that the books that I was reading were too heavy and too hard for me to actually understand. That's why I felt demotivated. I suggest that you pick up something that's light, something funny maybe. That would surely get you back into reading again.
  25. I haven't experienced dreaming in another language yet. That would be wonderful, though! It would be nice to have a dream that you're in a wonderful place, sophisticated and all that, while speaking in another language. Wouldn't that be sweet?
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