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  1. This is a great standard of measurement. English-Native Speaker French- B1 Spanish - A2 Mandarin A1 Happy Learning!
  2. I try to get the most out of my days. I do the standard learning process of learning new words and corret grammar, but I also say the name of everyday objects aloud as a use them. I find that this always keeps my vocabulary fresh. As well, I use language apps like Duolingo.
  3. When I am using everyday objects I try to say, for example French, it aloud in another language. I find that it reminds me to always continue learning and to refresh some of the vocabulary I already know. As well, I use apps such as Duolingo because it provides a fun way to learn and keeps me motivated. I also like to watch movies in the language I am learning so I can get used to hearing others speak it.
  4. These are really funny. I like that people are using alternative ways to learning new languages. I guess they seem absurd, but honestly whatever works for you. I agree with the idea of translating songs, because of our ability to remember. It is amazing what the mind can do and the way it works. Great work on the new language.
  5. Wow, this seems like a really great site. Sometimes I find that I am running in circles with learning a new language and I suppose I now know why. Thank you for sharing this I will definitely be checking it out. I really like that it is a free way to learn. A nice alternative the other overpriced classes. I will let you know how it goes!
  6. I like the offline model because I like constant, real life feedback. I hate continuing on with learning a language and not knowing if I have the correct pronunciation of words. I think proper feedback is important. Then again, everyone has different learning requirements, and I understand the appeal of learning online as it provides a more "at your own pace" style.
  7. This looks like a great application. I like that it integrates a way of learning the signs of the language. This seems like a very useful tool. I like that others have found it to be very motivating. Has this been a successful application with becoming fluent in the language?
  8. I find French is the easiest language to learn as a native English speaker probably due to the similarities they both have. Even if I do not know some French words when reading a passage I am still able to decipher the gist of the message from similar looking and sounding words. It marks learning the language a lot easier.
  9. I find this to fascinating and impressive. For me, I find obstacles with simply learning one language, but everyone learns at their own pace. It is quite remarkable to accomplish so many, great work!
  10. Hello! I have attempted to learn more than one language at a time. I found it to be very difficult and challenging and I was seeing very slow progress in both languages. When I chose to focus on one over the other I saw a dramatic improvement. It could have been due to the differences and complexities of the languages (French and Mandarin), but I chose to focus on just one. It would be nice to have learnt two at the same time, but overall the process would have been much longer.
  11. This is a really great share. Sometimes when we are trying to learn a new language it becomes hard when you are expected to conform to one, singular model of learning. I like that this offers multiple options. As a more visual learning myself I always find it helps to extend beyond just the reading and speaking, but to really use the visual cues to help me learn and remember.
  12. When learning a new language I struggle with speaking aloud, I find it to be the most challenging component of learning. I believe that practice practice practice makes it easier though. I have the similar struggle with French are the way they pronounce certain letters in comparison to English. Best of luck with you work!
  13. Yes I fully agree. I would love to learn the Japanese language, and I really love the app because I find it compliments my other learning practices as well. I would also like to see mandarin added in!
  14. I was about 19 when I began travelling the world, especially throughout Eastern Europe and to Southeast Asia. So many people were quick to communicate with me in English, but I knew that was not their native languages. Therefore, I made it a point to learn new languages, especially if I was going to continue travelling throughout the world. I feel that it is very important, especially when you want to build genuine connections with the local populations. I do wish, however, that I began learning new languages when I was much younger. I feel that it may have been easier to grasp some of the concepts.
  15. Yes, active listening is very important when you are learning a new language, especially when you are engaging with your new language. I feel that it helps us better understand what our minds are trying to digest. When I take a passive listening approach to learning a new language I feel that I don't get as much out of the learning experience. This is a great way to better help you understand. Excellent work, keep it up!
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