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  1. I would probably say that the best app for this is probably google translate. It is actually an app that I first started using when I first started learning a new language. And although it is nowhere near as good as the program that I'm using now to learn a new language, but it is still very good for beginners. The other good thing about Google translate is that it has all languages included. Not just some languages like other language learning apps that are out on the market today. I hope this is A good answer for you.
  2. I think I might've possibly found the best program to learn a new language that there is. It is called Lynda.com it's a site that gives you online tutorials, and it's language learning service is absolutely brilliant. Teaches you and a slow steady pace and they explain it absolutely amazingly. I was honestly blown away by this program when I first started using it. I honestly could not believe how easy it was to learn a new language with this program, Plus if you are interested there are a lot of other tutorials that you can learn as well. I just think it's a really good service and I thought you guys might like to try it out. It Has really helped me a lot in learning a new language.
  3. I've used Babbel many times in the past and I can personally say it is a pretty good app. Obviously it's not as good as the paid apps that are offered, but it is still exceptionally good. The only problem that I really have with this app is that it doesn't offer every language that is spoken. And it teaches you at a very slow pace versus some other paid apps that I've used. My advice to anyone that wants to learn a new language through an app is to just experiment with different apps to see which one is best for you. That's what I did. I hope you find the app that you are looking for best of luck to you in Learning a new language.
  4. For me and my experience with language learning apps Japanese has probably been one of the hardest for me to learn. It is so complex and so complicated yet so fun to learn at the same time. I really always love Japanese culture and I've always wanted to learn the language that way one day I can visit there and actually communicate with the people that live there. I am getting better at learning Japanese, it's just at a very slow pace at the moment.
  5. There are a lot of different language learning apps that I've tried in the past, them I didn't find very helpful to me at all and learning a new language. Most of them are very gimmicky and charge a ton just to download. Personally I think the best way to go is. Lynda.com is the site that teaches to Tutorials on many different subjects but it also has a section for language learning. I've been using this for a few months then and I can tell you that this is absolutely the best language learning site ever. Much better than the ones that they advertise on television. Take it from me it works, and it is at a very low price, so it will work with any budget.
  6. I've been wondering the same thing actually. I was really confused by this at first. Spanish is so much different from English. I remember when I first started learning Spanish I was really frustrated and confused by the whole process, but I got the hang of it eventually. It was quite a long process and a long journey but in the end it paid off very well for me. I'm actually hoping on starting a new job that requires language learning. I'm hoping to learn as many languages as I possibly can in my lifetime. I think it will enrich my life and make me more intelligent.
  7. I've been doing this recently as well. I've been taking online language learning courses for about a month now, and so far it's been working out really well for me. I can say that it is very difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it it's really easy and simple to learn. I think learning a new language makes you more intelligent, and makes it easier to get a lot of other jobs. Just really fun and it's something that I'm really excited about. I'm hoping to peruse this full time. That's how much I love and enjoy it.
  8. I have been for a few months now. It's been really helpful to me so far. To me learning a new language is really fun and exciting. I believe it makes you smarter as well. I just really enjoy it and I think it's also a really creative way to express yourself in another form. I hope to go to other Countries and start having conversations with the people from there and ask them what their life is like where they live. I'm really excited about that. I think it's going to be a really fun experience for me. I'm really looking forward to it a lot.
  9. It's helped me a lot actually I've actually been attending some online language learning courses for a few months now. So far it's been really helping me. I know that there are a lot of really good jobs out there that require you to learn a new language. So in the end I think it's all going to be worth it for me. Plus it's just really fun to learn a new way of talking to people. I can go to another Country and actually have a really nice conversation with the people that live there, and learn about their lives. I'm really excited about it.
  10. It's very important to me actually. I've been reading a lot here lately and I've found quite a few authors that I am really starting to like. I just finished a really good book call The Time Machine by H.G Wells. I really enjoyed it a lot. I actually enjoyed it so much that I read it twice. Another book that I've read recently was Goosebumps The Haunted Mask. I really enjoyed that book as well. R.L Stine is another one of my favorite authors. I think it was about 3 moths or so ago when I started reading more. It all started with ebooks and then I made the switch over to actual books. I really enjoy reading. It really seems to help me relax and unwind after a long day of work. It's fun to me.
  11. Great! I was hoping that they would. They really needed to. It always felt like there was something missing before.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm new here and I just wanted to say how much I love this website! I've already met some really cool people and have had some really interesting conversations as well. So glad I found this website.
  13. I've never personally used it, But I have a few friends that have. They seem to really enjoy it. So I would say judging from their reactions to it, it's worth the price.
  14. This seems like a really good website for learning a new language. I've tried a few in the past, but this one sa far seems to be much better. Thanks so much for posting this.
  15. Awesome! I look forward to it. I just joined this site and I already love it. I'm looking forward to making friends and having interesting conversations. I'm glad to be here.
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