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  1. Yes it does a lot!! That's why we learn languages and about the cultures of the lands to understand the original as it was written!
  2. I'd say for the second part maybe something like "we'd like you to stay longer"..but maybe I am wrong
  3. Non of them is very accurate, I'd say..:/
  4. In Czech we do have yes and no.. Ano and ne.. I didn't know there are languages that don't have such important words! Cool!
  5. I agree! I wish I had learned English since kindergarten! People who learn from an early age have such an advantage!!
  6. Traveling to Germany for a week helped me I guess:)
  7. I don't know why is that.. I would be like you and would be more than happy teaching her my language..:/ Hope you will find someone else to teach you!
  8. Watching movies in that language, having friends from the country where the language is spoken and talking to them, living in that country for at least a year...all of them helped me a lot!:)
  9. Doesn't really apply to me, I like to get better all the time
  10. I wouldn't say attractive..but it's beautiful!!! And sometimes kinda funny..:D
  11. I'd spend money on traveling to the countries I am learning languages of..it's definitely worth it!
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