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  1. Yes it does a lot!! That's why we learn languages and about the cultures of the lands to understand the original as it was written!
  2. I'd say for the second part maybe something like "we'd like you to stay longer"..but maybe I am wrong
  3. Non of them is very accurate, I'd say..:/
  4. In Czech we do have yes and no.. Ano and ne.. I didn't know there are languages that don't have such important words! Cool!
  5. I agree! I wish I had learned English since kindergarten! People who learn from an early age have such an advantage!!
  6. Traveling to Germany for a week helped me I guess:)
  7. I don't know why is that.. I would be like you and would be more than happy teaching her my language..:/ Hope you will find someone else to teach you!
  8. Watching movies in that language, having friends from the country where the language is spoken and talking to them, living in that country for at least a year...all of them helped me a lot!:)
  9. Doesn't really apply to me, I like to get better all the time
  10. I wouldn't say attractive..but it's beautiful!!! And sometimes kinda funny..:D
  11. I'd spend money on traveling to the countries I am learning languages of..it's definitely worth it!
  12. Czech is my native language, my second one was English and the third one German..now I am learning Spanish but not in school anymore
  13. I am planning to go to Germany or Austria at least for a month to practice my German and then I want to learn basic Spanish with Duolingo and in September start attending Spanish classes:)
  14. Yes I am a Czech and I teach kids in an international school, most of them speak Czech as well but all of them speak English.. Once I had to yell at them because of something they did and I just couldn't express myself in English! It was terrible and made me even more upset!!
  15. I actually love these stupid sentences and they make me remember the words used in them!!
  16. I haven't completed any language there but I suppose you will need to start talking in that language..one thing is to be able to translate the sentences and words Duolingo has but another thing is to actually be able to speak in the language. So I guess your son will need some additional class maybe just a conversation class or something like that...
  17. It actually sounds great to me and I think even for the native speakers it could be fun to talk to all those foreigners;)
  18. Thank you! This sounds great!!! I will try it right away!:)
  19. I'd go with French! It sounds just great!!:)
  20. Teaching kids IN that language, teaching kids that language..didn't need the certificate but I have one..having a certificate always looks better on your CV!
  21. It helps a lot..at first I had to have the Czech subtitles to English speaking movies..than I switched to English subtitles..then I turned them off and I understand everything perfectly!!:)
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