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  1. El acento Español (de España) es algo fuerte, lo cual a ellos les dificulta un poco la pronunciacion, por ejemplo, de palabras en Inglés. Los latinoamericanos tenemos un acento mas neutro (en general), y siento que eso nos facilita mas la pronunciacion del Inglés entre otras lenguas. Creo que a nosotros los hispanohablantes se nos difucultan mucho los idiomas como el Inglés, Alemán, Sueco y de ese estilo. En realidad creo que depende de que tanta habilidad tenga y qué tanto esfuerzo invierta la persona que esta aprendiendo el idioma. ¿Ustedes que opinan? Saludos.
  2. I'm learning Japanese as well (beginner). Currently I'm working in my hiragana & katakana memorization and caligraphy. I know English (fluent) and my native language is Spanish. I'll be glad to help anyone as long as my skills allow me.
  3. Some of the most challenging "features" of the Spanish language are the correct handling of verb tenses and noun genders. As you know, in Spanish anything can be a male or female noun and there are at least 5 tenses in which a verb can be conjugated with a huge load of irregularities. There is also some strong consonants like "rr" and "j" which may be troublesome for the beginner. I'd say once you get through that, you can say that you are at advanced / expert level. In my opinion basic / intermediate levels involve learning the basic constructs and lots of vocabulary / pronunciation. Most Spanish speakers will understand you even if you don't articulate phrases 100% correctly, if you develop a decent pronunciation and get ideas clearly in your head. Regards,
  4. I learned English by adjusting my environment (i.e. my room and my workstation) so that I listened, read, played games in English all the time. You know, as if I were actually living in a country where that language is spoken. For example, something that helped me a lot was to change my computer & mobile languages to English instead of Spanish (my mother tongue). You can watch shows in your target language, listen to music in that language, play text adventure video games in that language, meet native speakers and hang out with them. If you do this, you will improve very quickly.
  5. Hello :), You can also try teaming up with someone who masters the language already or is a native speaker, so he/she can help you validate the content you generate for your readers. Or you can also target specific audience, like children or beginners for example, which may require a lower level of mastery, while you continue to hone your skills. Once you feel comfortable, you can move to more advance targets. Regards,
  6. In Mexico we usually say "camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente", meaning that one should stay alert just in case a good opportunity shows up in order to take it. There's another one my grandfather used to say: "Al que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija". This one means that selecting your acquaintances carefully is quite convenient (you can get a good employment or make good contacts via the correct people, for example).
  7. Hola a todos, Yo tambien soy Mexicano y capitalino, pero vivo en Aguascalientes, Ags. ¡Qué agradable es saber que hay mucha gente interesada en aprender Español! Yo apenas comencé a aprender Japonés, pero bueno, voy poco a poco. Si alguien tiene algun consejo sobre como avanzar con éste idioma, se les agradecería mucho. @SpringBreeze Si lo que deseas es una conversación mas relajada y menos formal, el título de este tema podria quedar así: "Háblame de ti". "Hábleme de usted" es un poco mas formal y generalmente es usada para dirigirse a personas mayores o en un ambiente menos relajado (por ejemplo, negocios o para dirigirse a desconocidos en la calle). Saludos!
  8. Hi all, My name is Federico and I'm from Mexico. I am currently fluent in English and just started learning Japanese. I know it'll be hard, but I hope some day I'll become fluent in Japanese. My mother tongue is Spanish. I'm more than willing to help anyone who wishes to learn Spanish or English. Thanks to all in advance for sharing your knowledge. - Federico
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