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  1. I agree, A lot of Spanish idioms and the emotions they try to express are highly context dependent. So word by word won't work in these cases.
  2. Haha, I had a lot of fun with this thread. In latin-america people tend to use the word "madre" (mother) in countless derogatory ways, and I think this is one of the most difficult uses of slang to understand in Spanish. It's a cultural "feature" of the region. Example: Vale Madre! (MEX) - It can be used as "I'm screwed" or also to state that something is not important, among other uses. I don't know if it's appropriate to continue giving examples of these (lol). Cheers!
  3. Yeah, it's true. I can't think of any direct translations for those phrases. The best we can do is to explain their meaning in plain, literal English.
  4. Hi, Welcome to the forums, I see you know Japanese. I'm learning it too but I'm far from being semi-fluent yet... You'll have fun here! Cheers!
  5. My favorite song in Spanish is "El Jinete" by "José Alfredo Jiménez" :). Cheers!
  6. I live in a not-so-big city, Aguascalienrs. Mexico. But I think a beautiful building is the San Antonio temple, (templo de San Antonio). Here's a photo for you: Thanks!
  7. "De el" is only used when "el" is a pronoun. In any other case the correct form is "del", for masculine nouns and "de la" for feminine ones. I hope it helps
  8. Te recomiendo las películas de la época del cine de oro Mexicano, son my buenas y podrás practicar mucho!
  9. Could be, affinity with the other person is what makes you stay together. That includes everything, such as similar words or speaking style.
  10. Hi, I'd say: 1) ¡Ámame! 2) ¡Ámame ahora! 3) ¡Amar ahora! / ¡Amor ahora! You're welcome!
  11. I think the best age is when you are a child, around 4-10 years old. It's not only when your brain absorbs the most information as it can, but also when you don't have any other responsibilities that steal your precious time.
  12. Hola @Elimination, Básicamente por que me casé con una Hidrocálida y además me ofrecieron trabajo por acá. Buena oportunidad para huir un poco del bullicio de la gran ciudad jeje.
  13. Han escuchado hablar del "Pozole"? Es un delicioso plato Mexicano pre-hispánico a base de granos de maíz y carne de pollo o cerdo. Puede ser verde o rojo. Se los recomiendo muchísimo. Con uno grande tienen para aguantar hasta el otro día XD.
  14. Hello Alex_F, Welcome to the forums. I am a native Spanish speaker, so I you need any help please don't hesitate in asking. I'm from Mexico, so not sure about south American specifics. Anyway, let me know if you need help. Cheers!
  15. Hi Karen, welcome to the forum. So, what does an Sign Interpreter do? Is Sign an association of some sort? Just curious Thanks!
  16. I'd begin with memorizing Hiragana chart, then Katakana and then Kanji (no clue how to start studying this). Does this sound good to you? Would you suggest a path for learning those? Thanks in advance.
  17. This is some great advice. I do pretty much everything that article suggests, except for the tongue twisters part maybe. The most important part of learning a new language is to immerse the most possible in it. Thank you.
  18. Hi everyone, I'm in the quest for learning the Japanese language. If someone is interested in exchanging language learning, please tell me. I know English and Spanish (Native). Thanks!
  19. I started at the age of 5, at primary school. In Mexico they use to teach English as the main secondary language in private schools. Also, I started to play video games at that age so I had to learn English to understand.
  20. Justo ahora estoy viendo "Club de cuervos" y "La viuda negra". Están en Netflix!
  21. Hi guys, It's playing video games how I learned mos of my reading / writing skills in English. Do yoau use them to learn another language? I'm planning to use them to learn Japanese. Share your experiences please! Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello @Irisveil, welcome to the forums / bienvenida a los foros. Yeah, I guess the Moonian language is just a creative joke isn't it :D? Should you need help with Spanish, don't hesitate in asking! Regards,
  23. "Welcome to <restaurant name>" -> "Bienvenido(s) a <restaurant name>" "May I take your order?" -> "Está usted listo para ordenar?" "Would you like to order something to drink" ->"Le gustaria ordenar algo de tomar?" "Right away" -> "Enseguida" "With fries?" -> "Con papas / patatas fritas?" ¡Saludos!
  24. Lo más cercano creo que sería "cornstarch gingerbread". ¡Saludos!
  25. "¿Qué vas a hacer?" Sería la manera correcta de hacer esa pregunta :). Yo creo que iré a tomarme un café caliente por que aqui hace mucho frío hoy. Después de eso, creo que practicaré un poco de guitarra. ¡Saludos!
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