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  1. I like Joker from Batman movie. What a brilliant play by Heath Ledger! I guess I'm not the only one out there. Right?
  2. I treat slang as some kind of a local culture. The world be too much of a boring place is everything stayed the same everywhere. Some people are just into creating new things. Yep, you can create your own words. If they go viral then they will be counted as some kind of slang.
  3. I guess you can just simply ask them in a pretty much straightforward manner. They will understand your desire. Also, they are going to appreciate that. Most of the time.
  4. Sure, there are some moments that can't be translated in a 100% accurate way (like idioms, for example). However, I don't consider them too much of an important thing. Most of the sentences can be translated with no changes to their original meaning.
  5. Officially, I started at 11 (5th grade). However, I didn't get serious up until 14. I'll be 22 next month. So, it's been almost 8 years of very hard work. I'm still doing my best to improve every area of my English. Also, I feel like a bilingual person as I'm working mostly in English. I love this language so much.
  6. I would really like to try sites like iTalki, but I get very anxious when it comes to Skype. You have to overcome this in order to succeed in life in general. You know, anxiety is a terrible thing. Your fear is purely irrational. There's nothing to fear when it comes to using Skype or another similar service.
  7. Nope, as long as it's considered an official language of the whole country known as Greece. However, I don't think it's as widespread as, let's say, Spanish.
  8. Is it true that Italian speakers can easily get what Spanish people say but can't talk to them? I've heard that numerous times. What do you think?
  9. Well, sometimes it' really impossible to provide an accurate translation. That's where the skills become key. You have to slightly change the original meaning with no drastic change in the overall message.
  10. I usually read the stuff aloud. I also prefer reading physical copies. Unfortunately, my eyes get sore when I read a lot from the computer screen. Reading aloud is pretty important If you want to sound good.
  11. I do a lot of that. It helps me improve my pronunciation tremendously. If you have an opportunity = do that as much as you can.
  12. Restaurant - the absolute leader. I hate its spelling so much. It makes me sick. I guess this word comes from French or, at least, has some French roots. Abandoned - I didn't have any troubles with this one before. However, now I'm having them. I don't know why. No clue.
  13. Not sure if it's an idiom or not... How many people in the house tonight? This goes out to anyone in the house tonight! You can use this to address the audience when performing on stage
  14. An Irish man came out of a bar. Finally, it happened! no offence to all the Irish fellas out here
  15. The other way to correct this sentence is "I'm not like him" It's kind of very easy to get these things confused. That's why English students, who are beginners, should learn how to tell the verb "to do" from the one "to be". I hope this guy already has a clue about that.
  16. I guess it's only present simple that goes along with the verb "didn't". Other options are just not possible in terms of English grammar. Did you go? - No, I didn't go Did you finish doing your homework? - No, I didn't finish doing my homework That's pretty much it. As you see, you can just copy the whole subject you're being asked about and put it right after the word didn't If it's a question. I've put the whole "action" part in italics, so you can see how easy it is to answer such questions.
  17. Sfortunatamente, non ancora. Ma ho alcuni amici in Torino, Piemonte. Spero di andarsi là un giorno. La tua città e' anche un posto incrdibile. Vorrei visitarla. Che cosa fai in tuo tempo libero?
  18. I can't recall the very first one. But it's probably either Dorian Grey or 1984. Both are absolutely awesome. I enjoy reading them so much. Any fans?
  19. The word "accent" has multiple meanings. 1. A carryover of elements from one language to another 2. A manner of speech and its particular elements So, we all have an accent, even If we speak our native language. In one part of the country people speak differently compared to another. That's totally normal.
  20. Hello Elizabeth and nice to meet you! Wow, speaking 5 languages fluently is kind of very serious. What drives you there?
  21. Grazie tanto! Di quale regione sei? Ho studiato la cartina d'Italia.
  22. If I can easy understand people's speech and don't have to pause mine to find the right word... yeah, that's pretty much about being fluent.
  23. Payment is ok. Especially, if this is a thing you do for a living. Your friend has to understand that. I hope he's cool with that.
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