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  1. It's Bernard Werber. He's a French author but all his books were translated into English and many other languages. I love his fiction/spiritual stuff so much!
  2. A buddy of mine is Spanish and they are doing that in his family to keep the children bilingual as well. They seem to speak both languages great.
  3. Back in time, I wasn't happy about the fact that all these certificates have an expiration date. However, now I understand it's completely reasonable. Your English level most likely will significantly drop If you're not doing anything to practise your learned skills.
  4. So, that's the question! I've always been curious about that but can't really find this out on my own as I'm simply not a Spanish native.
  5. What about Andalusia region? Is there some kind of an Arabic-influenced dialect?
  6. Lucy, in Russian the name of Euro currency sounds a bit different. It's written as "евро" and it's pronounced as "йевро". I hope you have already heard it, so you may know what I'm talking about.
  7. It's jeez most of the time. You can even exaggerate by writing adding a lot of "e" letters. Works perfect, people are getting that.
  8. First off, I hope you both speak English or another language you're good at. Second, Google is ok but only If it's used for word-by-word translation. Otherwise, it may cause some misunderstanding. Which is fun sometimes btw.
  9. To me, it seems like a great idea! This will help us to get one another to know a little bit better. Also, you can start a Telegram messenger chat in English.
  10. Well, correcting people's speech by interrupting them will never work out. An English teacher AJ Hoge said that numerous times. I agree with him. I never felt comfortable in those moments. Instead, try to understand their speech and feel free to ask for some elaboration.
  11. I never use Google translate to work with full sentences. That's no good, even though the whole translation thing got more accurate slowly over the last 5 years. I prefer doing that word by word.
  12. To buy a SIM card in that area you have to have your passport / id with you. That's important. Otherwise, they will most likely refuse to sell anything to you.
  13. First, you both have to focus on mastering the American English and, if possible, the American accent. YouTube is a great way to master the listening skills. A lot of amazing YouTubers come from the US. They talk a lot in their videos. Analyzing their speech is key, not the grammar exercises. Listen, memorize, repeat.
  14. It's also great to speak all those Scandinavian languages, even though they are not widely spread in the world. I guess there are people who have mastered them all and feel super happy about that.
  15. English, Spanish, Italian, German, French In my opinion, that's a dream for any European speaker. He or she will be understood anywhere in Western Europe and far beyond outside.
  16. Restaurant, amateur, communique... are always my biggest hurdles.
  17. For the first 3 years no. However, in 8th grade, I made English my priority and it's been like this ever since. So, to me, 14 is a great age to focus on a language seriously. Before that... it usually takes a lot of effort to be concentrated on learning.
  18. I watch a lot of YouTube and it helps be stay in a great shape language-wise.
  19. I'd rather you pick up Spanish If you wanna be understood my many people, especially the ones from South America / USA. However, if you wanna sound beautiful = pick up Italian. It's not as widespread as Spanish, however it's a very cool language to speak.
  20. English, of course. It's the first language people reach out to when they don't have any native languages in common. English alphabet is widely used, too. The second one, I guess, is Spanish. The most spoken language in South America and the second spoken in the US. The third is, probably, Chinese. Oh, damn! I wish the Italian was more popular in the world. It's a beautiful language. I love it so much.
  21. I highly doubt that it will be widely spoken in Europe and North America by non-native speakers. However, it may become like English for all the Asian countries.
  22. That's true. Though, I don't understand why schools still teach British version If it's becoming less common.
  23. Price and prize have nothing to do with one another. It's two separate words with two separate meanings. You can google them up to have a greater picture of what they mean.
  24. Audiobooks are a cool thing of the present. I use them a lot. It's very convenient. There are a lot of great books written and narrated in Italian.
  25. "Everyone must know their life goals" Technically, using "their" here is grammarly wrong. However, it's become very common. People care about this less and less, so this won't be even recognized as a mistake in the future.
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