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  1. Hey, from USA as well. I am a newbie as well and I hope this forum helps you with your language learning. I am here to learn Spanish and maybe some French.
  2. Wow you have been studying a long time. Surely you aren't a beginner like myself. Well I'm a newbie here as well and I hope you get what you are looking for out of this forum.
  3. I have used Dualingo and I love it. I have read a few of the post and a lot of you suggest Memrise. Do I download through the play store?
  4. Google translate, in my opinion, doesn't translate sentences well. I used it during my Spanish 1002 class and it was no help at all. It translates words and small phrases well though.
  5. I never heard of this. I'm sure that translator will hit mainstream and soon everyone will know about it. The idea was brilliant to create a software that translate conversations.
  6. I would love for my son to be bilingual because it will benefit him in the long run. I definitely thing children should learn to speak the language of their heritage.
  7. I have tried flash cards and they do work with single words. However, they aren't much help with sentences. I think I need to find a new approach to learning sentences and just use flash cards for words and short phrases.
  8. No matter how hard I listen to movies in Spanish with the subtitles, I can not comprehend at all. I learn better by reading in Spanish but still it takes me a long time so I become frustrated. I definitely need to improve my listening skills.
  9. I haven't checked the website yet but is Dutch one of the 8 languages?
  10. I am not a language teacher but I was advise to learn a language that will benefit me. I chose Spanish because it is the second popular language in the United States. It has similarities with the English language. I'm nowhere near an expert on these things but I think Spanish is easier.
  11. Silencio por favor --Means silence please. My Spanish teacher use to say it all the time in class.
  12. Wow, great website. My son just turned one and he speaks a few words so I will try to get him involved with your website!
  13. Hi, I'm also a newbie and I use to get bored with learning programs at home too. Welcome!
  14. I personally do not like Rosetta Stone. I got it free overseas on my deployment and I couldn't get into it. I learned more sitting down with my Spanish teacher which is unbelievable. I am I need of a new program ASAP
  15. Hey, did you create this game app? I'm downloading it now to show my support!
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