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  1. Thank you for sharing! My high school French teacher taught a lesson about ordering food in France, but it looks like she left some things out.
  2. As a native Spanish teacher, this is easier for me because most French words' genders correlate with their Spanish genders. I think the best way to memorize genders is to visualize it every time you read it. (Ex: "La Table", picture a table along with any feminine accessories you can think of.)
  3. Hi! I'm fairly conversationally fluent in French and would like a friend to text with I can help with both English and Spanish.
  4. Translation apps/websites are generally only effective for simple sentences. If you're looking to translate something a bit more abstract, it's better to look up translations to entire phrases and putting it all together yourself.
  5. I think that in addition to other language-learning resources, learning English through songs is a great way to learn slang. However, I don't think it would be a good idea to learn English solely through this method, as words are often pronounced differently in a song than how they're normally pronounced.
  6. The word-a-day tactic seems like a blast and not too stressful if someone is just starting out. Thanks for the advice!
  7. I started learning French the summer before my freshman year of high school. I absolutely obsessed over it from the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep for a good month. The main reason I had for learning French was because of how pretty I thought it sounded (I'm a Libra, I'm shallow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Although it had the added benefit of giving me something to do during the summer.
  8. Hi! I'm Adrian, and I've been obsessing over the French language for about two years now. I'm also interested in learning any other language that I find beautiful :), It's nice to meet everyone.
  9. I completely agree with you! The hardest part of translating, in my opinion, is trying to keep the same meaning in both languages. I have an exclusively Spanish-speaking mother, and sometimes when I try to translate things for her I realize that what I say has a slightly different connotation than it originally did in English. Effective translation really is an art.
  10. I've tried my hand at every language-learning app you can think of, but none of them have come close to the amount of variety you can find on YouTube! Due to the nature of the app, all of its content is created and produced by its users. This means that no matter how uncommon the language you're looking to study is, you're bound to find something on YouTube that matches exactly what you're looking for. A few months ago, I was really interested in learning Icelandic. The app I normally go to for learning languages (Duolingo) didn't have Icelandic, so I scoured the internet until I realized that
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