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  1. Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to learn about languages.
  2. Welcome to the forum. You know a lot of languages lol
  3. Welcome to the forum! Italian is a good language.
  4. I want to learn German, Italian, and Latin. Even though Latin is not used very much it is a very old and interesting language that I think would be cool to know.
  5. I don't really remember the first thing sentence that we learned but some of the first ones are, The cat sat on the mat, and some nursery rhymes. I think it varies from area to area.
  6. I am lucky enough to have plenty of time to practice since I am still in school. When I get back home I am able to have plenty of time to study a language or come to Linguaholic.
  7. I don't know if I really have a favorite word but sacapuntas is a pretty funny word. It means pencil sharpener, which Sint anything special but it just sounds funny.
  8. The first time I tried to learn Spanish I did. I mean I was 8 at the time so it was pretty young at the time and to be honest I don't see it as a failure because I got a basic knowledge of the language, which would help me in the future.
  9. You need to speak it comsistantly. If you don't speak it for a while you will probably forget about some of the stuff you used to know. A family member of mine is a native German speaker but she moved to the states and didn't speak German for years and she now has a hard time understanding the German language.
  10. I like both. Classroom learning is definitely a good way to learn since you are learning from someone who speaks the language and can help you with tips and tricks on how to learn the language better. Doing it on your own is also nice since you learn what you want.
  11. When I was learning Spanish I was pretty dedicated since it was a grade in school. I enjoyed it too which made it nice but outside of school I'm not sure how dedicated I will be. I really want to learn more languages though.
  12. I was required to take some sort of language in school, whether it be German, Spanish, or French. I took Spanish and I took it pretty seriously. It was extremely easy to learn since the teacher went pretty slow and I already had prior knowledge of the language.
  13. Thanks for the tip. It is probably going to help many people because I for one, think that learning the numbers can be hard in some languages, so this is going to be good to know.
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