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  1. Hello Lousi ! Yes you are right : this is a negative sentence ! Indeed the structure is a negation : "ne ... aucune" although the meaning is positive. You want to read articles taken from famous french newspapers and listen to podcast I recorded from these articles ? If you are interested just join my private group. In exchange you can help me improving my english skills or teach me a part of your native language Here is the link : The Daily French
  2. Hey I am learning also Spanish And I am using also Duolinguo. Good luck in your learning !
  3. Hey I can help you learning french if you want This group on Facebook could interest you : The Daily French
  4. Good morning dear learners If you are interested in learning French I can propose you a great place. It is a French group on Facebook. I created this group yesterday (and I have already more than 200 people inside ! It is amazing). How does this group work ? Every week I propose an article from a famous newspaper and I make my followers read it, study it. I will propose soon some podcasts also to help my followers improving their listening skills. Of course it is 100% free. Concept : Learn French language by reading and listening current news from French Newspaper
  5. Hey @WanderlustGraffitti I created yesterday a facebook group whose name is "The Daily French". I propose articles from famous french newspaper and I make my followers study it. I give them new vocabulary, grammar and conjugation explanations. I will soon register some podcasts. It is 100% free. So feel free to have a look . Of course I am a french native Here is the link : THE DAILY FRENCH
  6. Amazing bro !! I know a bit of Vietnamese as I lived some months there. But I am really fluent only in French. I must improve in all the languages I know a bit (English, German, Spanish, Vietnamese) Good luck for your challenges ! See you soon on this forum !
  7. Welcome Tanya !! Your introduction is quite impressive indeed I studies also a bit latin but I forgot all XD I hope you will enjoy being there with us ! Have a nice day !
  8. Hey welcome here Hope you will enjoy and improve
  9. Hey welcome here Emma I am french so I can help you in French
  10. I didn't write that I wanted to learn this language ... But anyway I don't think we really need to live in a country for starting to learn a language Firstly there is the challenge to master an "exotic" language and apparently this one is quite easy to learn (writing + speaking + understanding). Secondly it must be nice to order in a Malaysian Restaurant in their own language. Thirdly why noy having holidays here quite often ? It is not so expensive and this country looks promising. Fourtly and why not working there ? KL looks like being an amazing city. There are lot of Malaysian
  11. Hey we can start a bit on this forum (via private messages) and if our methods of work are convenient for both of us then we can consider other options (Whatsapp, Slack etc.) What do you think ?
  12. Hey Welcome Dude I am French so do not hesitate to contact me if you want to exchange ;-) I know nothing in Portuguese ah ah ^^ but if you are a real beginner in French maybe we can help each others
  13. I have exactly the same problems. I am quite interested if you find a solution to your issue
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