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Why learn new languages?


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I'm learning a new language because I plan to move to the country where they speak that language, and in order to live a functional life there I need to learn the language. I'm not really fond of the dutch language as you can see, but I'm basically trapped and have no other choice but learning it :)  I'm not 100% sure I'll be moving there or when, but it should happen next year.

Learning a new language is one of the best investments, that's the way I see it. Knowing another language can open so many doors for you actually, it did for me; I landed a really good job some years ago thanks to the fact I'm bilingual!

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Completely on the level of the post prior to mine. Being bi or trilingual helps a ton when looking for jobs. Especially when it happens to be a language that rare but desperately sought after.

Of course, money should never be the only reason. I like learning new things. I enjoy knowing something I did not before. I also love it when you learn a language and happen upon someone in day to day life who is fluent and you can maintain a conversation. Great feeling.

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I know plenty of people that believe learning a new language is useless. Why do you learn a new language?

It's useless if your a hermtit or you don't plan to leave your current native geographic location or to interact with people from other countries. I lean a new language because I know it will help me in my travelling experiences.

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Learning a language is not useless! It can be useful if you like to travel or if you like meeting new people. Languages open up a wide range of possibilities in your life. Also, if your looking for jobs, you'll have a lot more options if you are bi/trilingual.

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I'm going to go a bit further with this, saying that learning a new language can make you sharper.

The way I see it, a language is a medium to understand our world and express ourselves. In other words, learning languages makes you more open minded and gives you the ability to easier change perspective on a subject.

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Some reasons why people should learn new language:

- Able to make new friends more.

- Getting job easier.

- Improve your knowledge about culture.

- Do not need translator while travelling.

- Open your mind.

I think these are goods reason to learn new language

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