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Just started posting in this forum and I am finding myself quite shocked at the amount of red wavy lines under my words.

Why on an English forum are we using the American dictionary?

Can we not at least run it through both American English and UK English.








Just a few!

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Fair point Ricardo,

I know it is one of those things that you get used to, just I am one of those typists that still has to look at the keyboard when I type and when you look up and see a plethora of red wavy lines your heart sinks!

With so many other languages on this forum though, the majority of them will probably use the American dictionary.

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By default, the spell checker is set on American English. However, I do not have a preference for American English at all. I would just like that all the users are satisfied, therefore I will try and see if I can enable British English as well!

I will keep you updated. thank you for that nice input.

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I would like to comment on the same thing as i have grown learning the British way of writing and spelling, but recently have been baffled with a lot of American ways to spell and so it makes thing rather hard for me sometimes, but we have to adapt to things eventually and so it is not a really big deal.

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Red lines or not, I continue to write the way I was taught which is the English way. I also try to be consistent with it instead of switching back and forth like some people tend to do. I just ignore the red lines unless it's a definite mistake on my part. I get your point though.

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