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Have you ever translated any language to English?


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I'm not talking about online translation or simply translating something for someone. When you're having a conversation with someone, they may not speak the same language as the other people with you. So assuming you understood their first language, have you ever translated a whole conversation for someone and had trouble or a funny experience while doing so?

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Well I have done this many times when I had to tell a story to my friends. I was living abroad for some months so I have quite a lot of stories to tell my friends!

It's not always as easy at it sounds, so I imagine it will be even harder to do it right there!

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I used to translate from Polish to English and the other way round for my parents and foreign boyfriend.

My parents don't speak English so I was translating everything they were saying. It's not fun, trying to keep up with everything, especially when there is slang and jokes.

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