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For all those who like to learn English with the aid of video material, I would like to share this link:

English Central provides sentence-by-sentence access to video clips on popular culture, movies, news, and more. Each video is viewable one sentence or so at a time, with a script of that line.

The script is cleaned up, unfortunately, and is missing linguistic features such as false starts, repetitions, and filler words. Each of these "lines" can also be played at a slower speed.

Users can record themselves saying each line, and are scored according to a software program's measure of the accuracy of each sound in each word. Linking, rhythm and intonation appear to NOT be measured, and so this system may give some surprising results.

Unclear words are highlighted visually in the script of the line. 

View all available videos here, http://www.englishcentral.com/videos#!/index/all/all/easiest/0

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Thanks a lot for sharing this!  This is probably the most useful link in the whole forum!  I just watched one of the videos from this web site and I loved the fact the video has subtitles to reinforce what I heard (just in case there was any doubt the word I heard was actually the one I thought I heard).

What a wonderful web site, it definitely deserves to be bookmarked and I actually did :)  One of my biggest weaknesses in English is pronunciation!  I love how clear and entertaining the videos in this web site seem to be. 

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