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Dinnes vs Supper


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13 hours ago, 居酒屋 said:

Dinner = evening meal.
Never heard of "supper" before though.

Yesterday I did a dictation and then that word appered. :o I checked on dictionary and It has the same mean as dinner. Because of this I'm trying to understand the differents beetween these two words.

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Supper is sometimes used to mean a light meal just before going to bed.

When I was a little girl, children often had cereal for supper.

But supper can also mean an evening meal.

So dinner and supper can be the same thing.  People in different areas and of different classes might use either.

If someone asked you to come to their house for dinner, you would probably be going for a main meal - starter, main course and dessert.

But if someone asked you to come to their house for supper, it might be a main meal, but could be a bit lighter.  And could be later in the evening.

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