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I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely a petrol-head ( that's gear-head for the Americans out there :smile: ). I like to bore people to death :wacky: with my knowledge about cars, motorcycles and anything with an engine basically.

So, naturally I know some car idioms, or at least car-related idioms, here are a few:

"To race through something" - which means to speed up while performing a task, to perform it rapidly.

"To take someone for a ride" - meaning to deceive someone.

Do you know other car idioms? Please share!

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A few more:

Race someone for something - compete against [someone] for a prize.

Race against [someone or something] - try to win some kind of race against someone or something [to

                                                    see who's faster]

Wrap [one's car] around something - drive a car into something at a high speed.

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Car Idioms

Interesting topic.  :)  Here's some idioms that came to mind...


"Jump on the bandwagon" for going with the majority or doing what's currently popular.


"Drive a hard bargain" for wanting to gain advantage in a business deal.


"Hit the road" if you're going to leave or start a journey. and


"One for the road" - drinking one last drink before going away.

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Two familiar idioms I recall are:

Get the show on the road- to begin an activity that has been planned.

Drive a hard bargain- expecting a lot for what you pay or do.

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Backseat driver refers to someone who can't help himself or herself from meddling with the leaders' methods via instruction, as if he or she could do a better job at it, while never being able to prove it since he or she is not in a position to do so.

My way or the highway is something a dictator would say to his or her subjects because it suggests that the only options available to the followers are either to follow and listen or else get out of the car and start walking on the road.

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Car idioms

Let me yet add some more car related idioms. Or we could also call these Driving Idioms. I found this little story here on the internet, which is connecting several car idioms / Driving idioms in a really neat way.

John walked into the pub and then sat down, “Oh my God, she is driving me up the wall" he said. “What’s wrong?” asked Jessica. “My boss asked me to work late, again. Down the road, I think I’m going to have to quit,” he said. “You should. I was actually just about to hit the road ,” she said as she stood up. “Oh no, please, have one for the road,” begged John, “I had to carpool with my neighbor today, I need a beer after that.” Jessica sat down, “OK then, one more for the road.”

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