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Any suggestions for YouTube video lessons?

Professor What

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I'm just wondering if anyone could make a suggestion for a good series of video lessons in Russian. I've found that there are several, but it's difficult to know which ones have the best material and are best organized. I'm probably somewhere between beginner and intermediate with my abilities, if that makes any difference for the recommendations. Thanks!

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Content designed for native speakers is always the best learning material, beats actual learning material all the time.
It's harder to start off since you won't be in your comfort zone, but in the end you'll learn better and faster.

The reason is, learning material will teach you what means what, so you'll end up speaking Russian or Japanese using English as a translation tool, which will make you sound rather awkward at the very least.
With content designed for native speakers on the other hand, your brain will be trying to adapt itself to the language, and you'll end up speaking Russian or Japanese directly, and therefore sound natural.

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Hello, I'm new to the forum! Hello everyone! I have been studying Russian for half a year. And I do this exclusively for video lessons and a little for a grammar textbook. And I really want to note here the channel of the Russian blogger
"Russian with Anastasia" here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLUSTqYCA18
This channel helped me a lot in the first.

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I can suggest you Be Fluent in Russian YouTube Channel. His videos are awesome! Also you can find his video on 3ears.com
This platform has interactive video player and different tools to make your studying Russian easier.

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